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Top 10 US Political Logos That Can Put World’s Best Logo Designs to Shame

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design - 8 min read

Last updated on September 6th, 2017

If you always thought that logos are only meant for companies or businesses, it’s time you thought again! Over the years,Political logos have gained a dynamic momentum at the political front. But why do politicos need logos? The reason is pretty simple; logos are perhaps the best tools to represent the ideology, mission, vision and personality of a politico and efficiently connect with voters. In fact, there’s a fair share of political consultants and analysts who strongly believe that political logos can make or break the image of a political candidate!

Traditional political logos usually comprised of wavy lines augmenting a political candidate’s name marked with a variety of different fonts and flashy colors. Though there have been dramatic changes in the style and design of such political logos, there are some things that still haven’t changed.

The standard colors used for American political logos are usually a fine blend of red, white and blue colors. These colors still retain a prominent place in US political logos as they represent the American flag and evoke a feeling of patriotism.While there are two major parties that rule the roost in the American politics, there are actually many political parties that vie for voter’s attention.

Here’s a carefully compiled list of the top 10 American political logos.

1.Political logo of Democratic Party

Political Logos

Democratic Party

One of the prominent political parties in the USA, the American Democratic Party logo features a red, white, and blue color palette to represent their nationalism.This logo designs was too much different from all the political logos. The logo features the commonly recognized donkey symbol in Red and Blue. In addition, there’s a swoosh symbol that has been created by negative space technique to connote the movement and flexibility of the party. Furthermore, the symbol of donkey in the logo has been shown kicking back which represents how the party is focused to kick back the loop holes of the established system. All in all, the American Democratic Party logo strongly represents this party’s intended message.

2.Political logo of Republican Party

 Political Logos

Political logo of Republican Party

One of the most interesting logo from all the political logos is the logo of the American Republic Party’s popular elephant symbol logo. Quite like the American Democratic Party, this logo also uses red, white, and blue to evoke elements of patriotism. The elephant symbol has been a figurehead for the party for more than one-hundred years and is shaped into a square shape in order to represent the authoritative policies of this party. In addition, the logo also features stars on elephant’s back in order to symbolize the American dreams and the inspiring ideology of the party. Quite naturally, experts believe that American Republic Party’s popular elephant symbol logo is one of the finest political logos ever created.

3. Political logo for Libertarian Party

Political Logos

Political logo for Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party is an American national libertarian political party that promotes civil liberties, free markets, and laissez-faire capitalism and boasts of an elegant and talked about logo designs. Though the party has never won a seat in the United States Congress, it has seen electoral success in state legislative owing to its very powerful and symbolic logo. Party’s logo designs brilliantly reflects its high standards and ideology with unique typography, off-the-rack color scheme and the strategic use of Statue of Liberty symbol. The gold and dark blue color scheme evokes the feeling of patriotism without being clichéd.

4.Political logo of Green Party

 Political Logos

Political logo of Green Party

The Green Party of the United States (GPUS) is the primary national Green organization in the country that promotes environmentalism and social justice with policy principles in nonviolence, participatory democracy and grassroots democracy, gender equality, and anti-racism. And party’s inspiring logo reflects its vision with brilliant green color palette. The logo features the symbol of a planet blooming within a flower in order to the idea of environmentalism. The logo features serif font and is block shaped to lend authenticity and authority to the American Green Party.It bring the new revolution in the history of political logos.

5.Political logo of Constitution Party

Political Logos

Political logo of Constitution Party

The Constitution Party is a far-right political party in the United States. This religious party believes that the United States of America is primarily a Christian nation founded on the basis of the Bible. The party uses graphical elements that are steeped deep in the traditional American culture such as the bald eagle, stars and blue-red color. The definitive rectangular shape and the use of the serif font brilliantly complement the logo symbols and lend a conventional feel to it.

Political logo

6.  Political logo of Socialist Party USA

Political Logos

Political logo of Socialist Party USA

The Socialist Party USA (SPUSA) is a multi-tendency democratic socialist party and is officially committed to left-wing democratic socialism. The party focuses on the civil rights and has been working for a socialist economic structure. Their circular logo with the symbol of clasped hands of people from two different ethnicities strongly represents party’s goals of social unity and equity. The Socialist Party logo makes it easy to understand how one can create an effective and accurate logo designs without keeping it themed on the mainstream American political logos.

7. Political logo of Working Families Party

Political Logos

Political logo of Working Families Party

The Working Families Party (WFP) is categorized as a minor political party in the United States of America. The party focuses on creating jobs, healthcare, student debt crisis, public education and energy/environment reform. The party has a very powerful and symbolic logo. The square shape shows and the modernistic approach and the blue-white color palette show that the party is unlike any other party in the United States.So the logo of this party is also unlike the remaining political logos.

8.Political logo of Modern Whig Party

political Logos

Political logo of Modern Whig Party

The Modern Whig Party is a United States political party that claims to be a middle ground between the mainstream Democrats and Republicans. The general platform of the Modern Whig Party relates to fiscal responsibility, strong national defense, and States’ Rights. The Modern Whig Party uses the traditional symbol of an owl and the traditional red, white, and blue color scheme. In the logo, the symbol of owl is half blue and half red with a white line and a band of star dividing the two colors to symbolize that it is the genuine middle ground between mainstream Democrats and Republicans. The stars in the logo represent the high standards and firm ideology of the party.

9. Political logo for America First Party

political Logos

Political logo for America First Party

Wikipedia reveals that the America First Party is a minor party in the United States that pins down its faith on paleoconservatism. The main agenda of the party is that the United States must end all labor treaties and wars with other countries. America First Party circular logo uses the familiar symbolism with a band of stars and a man carrying a gun. This logo represents party’s hope to make United States of America focus on strengthening the country from within its own borders.After that it create history in the field of political logos.

10. Political logo of Independent American Party

political Logos

Political logo of Independent American Party

The Independent American Party (IAP) is a paleoconservative political party in the United States of America. The mission of the party is to promote: respect for life, liberty and property; strong traditional families; patriotism; and individual, state and national sovereignty. The Independent American Party circular logo features the American flag to evoke the feeling of patriotism. This clean logo brilliantly provides the intended message of this party through its exceptional graphic design.

We’re sure this tour of the top 10 political logos of American political parties must have revealed how important it is for the political parties to get a unique and professional logo design to effectively spread their message and intentions and connect with the voters. In fact, logos make for a brilliant tool for branding of a political party or a politico. But finding a great and unforgettable politics themed logo designs are easier said than done. This is because hiring a reputable design firm or a professional graphic designer proves to be too expensive. In addition, when you hire a team or agency, your deadlines can take as long as weeks—and that’s if you’re lucky. You are, after all, just another client in a long roster of clients, waiting for your turn. This is where the largest and most reliable custom design crowdsourcing marketplace, Designhill offers you an optimal solution.

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