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Top 3 Tips to Avoid Making Your Restaurant Logo A Nightmare

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Restaurant Logos - 3 min read

Last updated on May 18th, 2017

Time and again, we have been hearing and reading about the effectiveness of logo design. Indeed, logos are perhaps the most essential elements that help in building a company’s brand value. A powerful logo design that tempts visitors is utterly important for restaurants as they have to constantly tickle pink the fancies of epicureans and gluttons.Go a long way in securing success for logo designers as well as restaurant or eating joint owners.

Save your restaurant logo from becoming a complete design disaster by following these tips.

1. Ineffective Use Of Graphics

Graphics is one thing which always goes through phases of experimentation. So, don’t try to make your restaurant logo an unnecessary platter of unrealistic design only with a view of making it unique. It may hit your brand value very badly.

See, how the logo designer of the Dirty Bird Fried Chicken has earned a bad face for the restaurant through the usage of an uncanny image in the logo. And this unpleasant design not only earned a bad repute for the restaurant, it even spurred an outrage and controversy.

Top 3 Design Disasters: Avoid Making Your Restaurant Logo A Nightmare 1

The Fork, Knife and Glass logo also falls in the same category. Trying to showcase three things together, this logo has badly affected the design specifics. Its asymmetrical shape and the monochrome colors make it not so interesting logo.

2. Incorrect Usage Of Theme

A logo theme is perhaps one of the most essential features of a logo. In fact, a logo theme allows onlookers to create visual imageries about an organization’s identity and/or website. Therefore, before starting to design a logo, you must carefully mull over to find out if the theme that you plan to use is able to deliver your message or not. Otherwise, your logo design will make your customers lose their interest in your logo.

Have a look at Hip Hop for HIV concert’s logo. The spattered blood theme demeans the entire purpose of the concert. Quite like this logo, if your restaurant logo design’s theme is not so befitting, then it will fails to impress the visitors.

Top 3 Design Disasters: Avoid Making Your Restaurant Logo A Nightmare 3

Source: andrewkeir.com

So, here is a tip for you: make careful use of theme for your logo. Judicious and effective usage of theme reflects well on your industry and business specifics. Things might take up more crucial form if you have just opened your restaurant and are waiting for customers to drop in!

Restaurant logo

3. Wrong Choice Of Colors

Color scheme is essentially the lifeblood of any image or a logo design; therefore it should be carefully selected. Intelligent logo design looks natural and appealing after color fill, while the bad ones look like a lab full of multicolored chemical bottles.

Therefore, your logo design should not appear like a rainbow and should have a distinctive spell of your restaurant specialities and cuisines.  It doesn’t matter even if you leave your logo in monochrome, at least this way you will save it from turning into a design disaster.

Top 3 Design Disasters: Avoid Making Your Restaurant Logo A Nightmare 4See the logo of The Diner Café, the designer has used nearly every color available: red, brown, purple, yellow, blue, green, yellow and has yet failed to turn it into an appealing design. The careless selection of colors not resonating well with the message has turned this otherwise pleasant logo design into a disaster.

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Take a clue and ensure that your restaurant logo design does not turn to be a disastrous one like the ones mentioned in the blog. And for creatively inspiring ideas on restaurant logo designs, do read our blog on 6 great restaurant logo designs and what makes them great!!

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