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Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

Last updated on March 16th, 2016

Why should a business redesign its logo that is already recognizable and has served the company for many years? An answer to this question is that a design becomes old as the time passes and new generation of customers wants to see something new in a particular logo.

If you look at the redesigned logos of some top-notch companies, you can clearly notice that the redesigned logos are much simple than their previous versions. After the redesign, the logo looks neat and clean with all the clutters and complexities removed.

Here are the top 5 logo redesigns of the year 2014


The popular financial service provider redesigned its logo last year and gave it a clean look. Following is the new logo of the company and you can see that there are no other elements except for its stylish font and a single, bold color scheme. This change in the logo was made as the company recently adopted a new tag line, ‘It’s everywhere you want to be.’

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

In its old logo, pictured below, you can notice the yellow flap on the letter ‘V’, which has been removed in the new, redesigned logo. The color in the older version of the logo was faded blue, which was replaced in the new logo by dark blue to give an air of freshness to the logo’s new avatar. In addition, the color scheme was revamped as a strategy to add a zing of sparkle to the company’s financial services.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

Absolut Vodka

Over a very short time of its inception, Absolut Vodka has established itself as a popular brand in the global business community. Recently, the company redesigned its old logo and turned it into a simple and clutter-free logo design to suit its new found status of a global player. Below is the redesigned Absolut Vodka logo. You can see that the design of the logotype is simple with one font and one color making it an eye-catching, chic and professional, in equal measures. This new logo is an excellent example of minimal design.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

Now compare the new design with the old logo of Absolut Vodka. As you can notice in the following old Absolut logo, there are three lines of text which makes the logo look cluttered and complex. All this clutter was removed in the new design as part of company’s strategy to make clear that the brand has gone global and needs no introduction in the global business community.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

03. Birds Eye

Birds Eye logo is another dazzling example of how the redesigning of a logo can add glitters to its appeal and aesthetics. The new logo of the leading UK grocery brand looks neat and clean sans any undesirable elements that were an essential part of the old logo. You can see that the new logo is just in the shape of a bird’s eye and has one color and features the company’s name. The new logo was part of the company’s Europe-wide brand launch.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

In the old Birds Eye logo below, there were many elements such as the captain’s picture, birds and images of fast food as well as plenty of colors. All these elements were removed to give the new logo a clean look.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

04. Disney Channel

Disney Channel too opted for a simple logo when it redesigned its old logo last year. Following is the new logo which the entertainment company launched in May 2014 across all its International TV networks. The new logo was the result of some radical changes in its old design. The colors and shape of the logo has been completely changed. The redesigned logo has more lettering than the older one had.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

Following is the old Disney Channel logo. You can notice the use of yellow color which is missing in the new design. The lettering in the old logo was not dominating and instead the ears of the Mickey Mouse characters were the ones that dominated the logo space.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014


05. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut also made significant changes in its logo design last year. In fact, the company made some dramatic changes ensuring a complete overhaul of its fast food logo. In the following new logo of Pizza Hut, you can notice that the shape of the logo has been entirely changed and now it appears to be a flat served dish of pizza on a table. It has been designed to give the impression of a smoking hot pizza laden with tomato sauce, which is indicated by the bubble on the left of the logo. But the iconic hat and lettering of the old logo has been retained to ensure optimal recall value.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

In the below mentioned old Pizza Hut logos, the previous logo is at the bottom right. Compare this logo with the new one and you will notice that there is an essential purpose of this redesign. The company had launched new sausages and wanted to market them as part of their business strategy. So, the old logo was redesigned into the new one to emphasize more on the sausage offerings by the company. Other old Pizza Hut logos are also mentioned here so that you can see how the company redesigned its logo over the years. The logo with an animated effigy is the very first logo of the company.

Top 5 Biggest Logo Redesigns of 2014

[Source: all images from creativeblog.com]

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