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Top 5 Effective Email Design Trends of 2017

by Designhill Tweet - in Graphic Design

Email Design Trends of 2017
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With so many big social media platforms such as facebook and Twitter out there in the digital world, email seems to be the most humble one. According to marketingtechnews.net, consumers switch media platforms as many as 27 times an hour. However, email is the most effective and low-cost form marketing even now. Most of the people still prefer reading emails over surfing any other social media channel. How did we come to know this? Well, McKinsey recently found that email is 40 times more effective at attracting new customers than Facebook or Twitter.

However, the needs and preferences of the people have changed over time. As almost everyone is ‘on-the-go’ these days, accessing content anywhere and on multiple devices, marketers need to design their emails in such a way that they are engaging and responsive to any device.

As a marketer, you need to design your email in such a way that urges your readers to open it and take the desired action. I mean, you cannot let an email affect your your brand image. However, since it is something that has been evolving constantly, you need to create your email design carefully and strategically.

Through this article, we will help you identify key email design trends of 2017 that will have a huge impact on the growth of your business.

1. Make Specific Sections Shareable –

Adding social sharing buttons at the end of your emails is a thing of the past. The latest trend is to add a sharing icon on a line or quote in the middle of a paragraph or a stat that you want more people to know or read about. This helps in engaging the reader as well as helps you in reaching out to the people.

email design

2. Ask For Feedback in The Same Email –

This trend is gaining momentum as we enter 2017. you can just ask them to respond directly by asking a question in the end or simply by asking them to click on the check mark if they found the email interesting. This is an easy way of gathering reader feedback as all it takes to reply is just a minute. For instance, search engine giant Google has already started making use of this trend. Check out!

email design trend

3. Show off an Image of your Business on Iphone –

Though not everyone uses an iphone, adding an image of the service you provide or an app on an iphone only makes your email look cool. You can convey the message you want by including it in an Iphone image. People somehow relate to this apple device. This is another trend that is gaining popularity amongst the youth.

email trend

4. Create Your own Icons for Pointers –

Instead of numbering or putting the points of your message in bullets (which can be quite boring), try and design original icons for the same. They look way more cool and attractive. They make your emails more interesting and original. They support your content. According to blog.usabilla.com, icons are easier to both recognize and to remember than bullets. While bullets are all the same, icons are much more characteristic and as that recognizable. So, be sure to make use of this amazing trend in your next email!

email icon design

5. Choose the Right Color for Your CTA Button –

The color that you choose your CTA to be of should go well with your brand. You should either go for general colors such as blue or green or a color that are your brand color. According to conversionxl.com, visual hierarchy matters and making your call to actions stand out matters. So “green vs red” is not so much about the color, but “does the important stuff stand out enough” and if not, how can we improve the situation.

 CTA Button for email

The Bottom Line

Make sure you keep in mind all these pointers while drafting your next email and you will achieve heights.
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