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Top 5 Water Bottle Labels Design Ideas

Henny Kel by Henny Kel Tweet - in Label Design - 3 min read

Last updated on September 22nd, 2017

Top 5 Water Bottle Labels Design Ideas

Water bottle labels design plays vital role in your drink product business. Water bottles have long been a part of our lives helping us quench our thirst in a convenient way. In fact, from school going children to adults in varied professions, people carry these bottles with them as a handy means of carrying pure, drinkable water. Sensing that water bottles are always in heavy demand, businesses aggressively market such bottles. They lure customers with attractive and innovative water bottle label designs. However, it is widely seen that only those businesses who offer attractive yet useful bottle designs compete in the market.

Here’s a carefully curated list of top water bottle label design inspirations that are modern in looks and convenient to use. These designs reveal how one can ensure creating unique and attractive water bottles that can grab attention from the customers.

Takeya Classic Glass Beverage Bottle

Easy To Hold And Carry

The inspiration behind the Takeya Classic Glass Beverage Bottle is the iconic American milk bottle. The Takeya bottle design is user-friendly as it has a no-slip grip to hold the bottle in a stable manner. The creative bottle design comes with an attractive silicon jacket. It also has an easy to carry loop as well as a tight twist cap. Frequent travelers, joggers and athletes will find this bottle very useful when traveling, sightseeing or jogging.

Water bottle labels design

Black+Blum eau Good Bottle

Portable Charcoal Filtered Bottle

Charcoal has been a traditional material to filter water and it has now been placed within a bottle. The Japanese have been traditionally using binchotan active charcoal to purify water. The Black+Blum eau good bottle design is such that it can easily accommodate the water purifying material with ease in its oval shaped bottom half.

321 Water Bottle

Tablet And Plunger Used For Purifying

321 Water Bottle hails from Australia. There is a plunger inside the bottle and it resembles to a coral reef. The impurities are absorbed by a carbon-filter tablet and it also eliminates bad odors and tastes. The design is cylindrical from outside but it has a different shape inside due to the plunger.

Water bottle labels design

Sol Light’s Light Cap 300

Nighttime Drinking

Sol Light’s Light Cap 300 is a simple but creative water bottle design. The bottle has a design to suit a solar-powered lid that releases eight hours of light when charged fully. The bottle design is slightly concave to make it easy for the users to clean it.

Contigo’s Autospout Sheffield Water Bottle

Spill-Free Sipping

Contigo’s Autospout Sheffield Water Bottle design allows you to sip water without spilling it. This way, you can enjoy drinking cold water for 20 hours thanks mainly to its special bottle design. The bottle is made of stainless steel and has a double wall and a vacuum insulation to maintain the temperature. The bottle design helps you drink water without spilling even when you are on a go.

Water bottle labels design

While water bottle design requires some professional expertise, there are online bottle label design templates that can help you in create a customized design for your bottle. These design templates are useful for creating the designs so that you can run your water bottle manufacturing business with relatively small funds.

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