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Top 6 iOS Apps To Make Logos

by Designhill Tweet - in Mobile Apps Design

Top 6 iOS Apps to make logos
6 min read

Creating a logo design that shares your passion, drive, and vision! One that compliments and supports your strategies while also promoting your brand! A design that makes your users gasp in awe. It must be relevant, must be memorable, and must withstand the test of time. While it’s easy to list off these qualities, actually integrating them in your logo can prove to be a daunting and a difficult task.

It gets even tougher when you’re designing your own logo. But you don’t have oodles of money to pay for the charges of professional logo designers or design studios. This is where online logo maker tools and apps come to your rescue.

We’re sure you’ll laugh when if we tell you that it’s possible for easily design logos on your iPhone. Yes! There is a virtual ocean of logo maker apps for iOS powered iPhones and iPads. You’ll be surprised that not only is it possible to design logos for your business with these apps but it’s fun and extremely easy too.

We’re sure you’re wondering:

“Where would I find such apps and how do I figure out which ones are the best of the lot?”

Well today I’m going to make it easy for you.

All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and install one of these 6 best iOS apps to make logo design that shares your passion, drive, and vision for your business.

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So Let’s take the plunge in the world of iOS apps to make logos! Shall we?

1. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

Price: Free
Overall Rating: 4+ with 694 Ratings
Developed by: RoadRocks. LLC

LogoScopic App

LogoScopic is one of the best logo making app for iPhone. This app is an amazing option for those looking to create an amazing logo for their business. The app features 850 fully editable & custom made Logo templates making it easy for you to take your pick. It is easy to do advanced artwork recoloring with the editing tools available in the app.

With over 100+ hand-picked fonts supported by revolutionary typographic features, you can easily create logos with brilliant typographies. It is easy to export the logos created by you for digital and print users.

Download LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

2. Makr

• Price: Free
• Overall Rating: 4+ with 6 Ratings
• Developed by: Happy Media

Makr IOS App

Yet another popular iOS app to make logos, Makr tops all popularity charts when it comes to apps for iPad and iPhone. Makr makes it easy for you to tap into the pool of creativity and create awesome logos. This app for iPhone doesn’t only help you create great logos, but you can also create awesome T-shirt designs and even temporary tattoos.

The apps customization feature makes it easy for you to make your dream logos breathe to life in minutes. The app is powered by a virtual ocean of logo design templates making it easy for you to take your pick. It is easy for you to export custom logos as hi-res transparent PNG files of your personalized logos. The app also allows you to share your designs with your friends on social media and take their opinion.

Download Makr

3. DesignMantic

• Price: Free
• Overall Rating: 4+
• Developed by: Right Solution

Design Mantic App

There are many logo maker apps for iOS powered phones and devices for free, but none beats the popularity of Design Mantic. This amazing iOS app to make logos offers a variety of creative and beautiful logo designs to choose from.

It is simple to create amazing logos for your brand with Design Mantic app within minutes. All you need to do is choose a logo design, customize it according to your needs and download it instantly. The app allows you to download your logo in .jpg, .png and .pdf formats, and use it according to your need. The app is free to use and you only pay for it if you like the design.

Download DesignMantic

4. Logos by Tweak

• Price: Free
• Overall Rating: 4+ with 91 Ratings
• Developed by: Tweak

Logos By Tweak

If you’re looking to design like a seasoned logo designer, this iOS app to make logos is the best bet for you. It’s super easy to design a professional logo for your business and customize it speak your brand within minutes. This app make it possible for you to access tens of thousands of great logo designs. So that you can simply take your pick of the style and color that you believe suits your brand the most.

Once you create a DIY logo for your business, you can easily download a free web version of your logo or upgrade to an Adobe Illlustrator EPS vector format within the app. Not only that you may also share the logo with your friends on social media and get their opinion on which design suits them the most.

Download Logos by Tweak

5. Designapp

• Price: Free
• Overall Rating: 4+ with 18 Ratings
• Developed by: Fatih Odunc


Designapp is yet another brilliant iOS app to make logos for your business in just a few minutes. The app features more than 600 font styles and tens of thousands of shapes, badges, icons and logos to make it easy for you to create one for your business.


You can easily try all the free logos available in the app and purchase premium ready-made logo designs from the app. You can easily continue from where you left. The app allows you to directly download designs to your device and necessarily require to send the design to your email to download it. With this and more on offer, it’s no wonder this amazing one of the best logo maker apps for iOS powered mobile devices.

Download Designapp

6. Sketch

• Price: Free
• Overall Rating: 12+ with 266 Ratings
• Developed by: Contradictory

Sketch Logo Maker App

Sketch is one of the best logo maker apps for iOS powered devices. This brilliant app allows you to put your creative logo ideas to paper. It’s simple interface and easy-to-use functionality makes it easy to use for even the novice designers and those with not-so-keen eyes for design.

If you’re the one who believes in sketching down a logo design idea for your business as soon as it hits you. This is the app for you. This app makes it simple for you to put down your logo design idea even on the go. No wonder, this amazing iOS app to make logos is sought after by a large number of designers and business owners alike.

Download Sketch

Over to You!

So there you have it! Top 6 best logo maker apps for iOS powered devices.

Now it’s time for you to check each one of these iOS app to make logos and take your best pick! Remember, it’s not too difficult to create a stunning logo for your business.

All you need to do is to be at your creative best, after all your logo is the face of your business and you wouldn’t want to take any risks. Isn’t it?

So what are you waiting for? Check out these iOS app to make logos now!

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Have you used any of these logo maker apps for iOS? How has your experience been? Leave us a quick comment and let us know.

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