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[Infographic] Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017

by Designhill Tweet - in Infographics - 5 min read

Web Design Trends

Last updated on January 4th, 2018

Websites are an essential part of doing business in the modern day highly competitive environment. A website is usually the first source of information on everything including products or services of a company. But web design trends and techniques have been changing fast over the years due to competition to catch the users’ attention.

Website designers are under the pressure of creating unique websites that can deliver a brand message in a precise manner and in quick time. This is the chief reasons that the designers continue to experiment with elements such as interactive videos, images, and illustrations. Many business owners make sure that they mention their specific design needs in their design brief even when they launch a website design contest.

In 2017, many web design trends from the last year have continued while a renewed emphasis seems to be on finding out something new that can excite the users.



Here Are Top 8 Web Design Trends For 2017

1. Typography Will Become More Important

More and more websites will be using high-quality fonts that were once expensive and only few website owners could afford to buy. After Google Fonts made these fonts available for free, every web designer is regularly using it on their websites.
Now, experts say that no one should be surprised to see popular fonts like Open Sans and Roboto replacing the popularity of fonts such as Calibri. So, in 2017, greater use of new fonts is the norm of the day for website designers. Keep this trend in mind when you look around for the designers to get quality & professional website designs.


2. Video Will Continue To Dominate Trends

The use of video continues to dominate all the trends and is being seen as a favorite visual marketing element. This is because the cost of using video has lowered and even small business owners can afford this visual tool for marketing. Now that internet connection speeds are also improving fast, it will further encourage use of videos in websites.
Search engine crawlers look for the videos to rank content higher, further boosting the use of videos. Social media platforms also are using videos regularly.

Video Trends

3. Interactive Web Storytelling That Focuses On Rich Unique User Experience

Web designers are incorporating the storytelling elements in websites with the intention of engaging the visitors with the content. Storytelling is one of the best ways to keep your audience glued to your content and issue. Websites are using storytelling to convey a message forcefully but with an emotional appeal. A list of mind-blowing website designs incorporating storytelling gives us a hint of how future web page design is going to take shape.

Interactive web storytelling

4. Adopting The Mobile-First Design Approach

Most of the website designers now make sure that their website appears equally impressive and becomes user-friendly on mobile devices. In fact, they have mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets in mind when designing a website as people are using phones to search and shop products or services.
The designers now think of first creating the visuals that are user-friendly for the small device users and work up to the desktop version. So, the responsive web design has become the norm of the day for the designers. Google also has started giving importance to the mobile dominance of a content and website for ranking it in the search results.

Mobile Devices

5. Custom-Made Illustrations

Use of illustration is another web design trend that the website designers are preferring for its use as an effective visual tool to communicate a brand message. Unlike stock photography, illustrations can be tailored to suit to the tone of a company. This helps a brand stand out in a marketplace. If you imagine how future website designs will look like, include custom illustration as a trend.


6. Faster Cleaner And More Utilitarian

The users quickly discard a website that takes a lot of time to load. They move to the other site that loads fast. Keeping that in mind, the designers are creating light websites that have only a few images and other elements. So, web designs are now much cleaner in their looks due to less heavy visuals. The text-heavy sites and other such trends are amongst the trends that have faded away and perhaps forever.
The emphasis is on creating a better user experience so that the visitors come again to the site. Because of this approach, websites have a cleaner look with only essential text and visuals making the place on the screen.

Faster cleaner and more utilitarian

7. Flat Design, Animation, And Other Subtle Trends

Flat design has been around for past few years and it will continue to be so for its qualities of simplicity and clarity. Web design for mobile phones will persist with flat design also due to app design that demands clarity of flat design.

The designers will also continue the use of animations and transitions. These vital elements ascertain user experience, interaction, and engagement. Use of animated gifs and cinema graphs will persist in web design.

Flat Design

8. Optimize All The Things

The competition to rank up on the search result pages is one of the major concerns of website designers. They lay more emphasis on creating website pages that are easier for the search engine crawlers to locate and rank. To make websites friendlier to search engines, the designers use only relevant elements of text, images, etc. All the aspects of search engine optimization are well taken care of so that every element contributes to the efforts for ranking a website higher on the relevant search results.

Optimize All The Things

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To conclude, website designers are thinking in terms of keeping the website simple, flat but dynamic by adding videos, animation and other interacting and engaging elements. Even illustration is making inroads in web designing to convey a brand message.

website trends

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