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Use Of Warm And Cool Colors In Logo Design

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Use Of Warm And Cool Colors In Logo Design

Last updated on June 19th, 2017

Colors are of crucial importance to the logo designers when they want to describe Logo Design Colors in business and create a message of company for the customers. One of the reasons for colors being so vital to designing of logos is that they are capable of evoking specific emotions. In fact, most of the arts such as paintings, drama, films and others use colors to create a right environment for human emotions.

Here are some Use Of Warm And Cool Logo Design Colors

Logo Design Colors

Colors are basically of two types – warm and cool. The logo designers make a wise choice from these categories in keeping with the nature of a client’s business. But studying the business and its customers’ lifestyle is also important in order to send a correct business message by incorporating right Logo Design Colors.

Warm colors are red and yellow. Red is the color for sizzling passion of love, energy, excitement and adventure. Therefore, red is the color to catch the consumers’ attention. Most of the fast food companies use red in their logos in order to secure attention of the customers. Businesses involved in vehicle manufacturing also use red to depict energy. CNN, Lays, Toyota, Macdonald, CocoCola are some of the famous brands using red in their logos.

Yellow is another warm color that is used for catching the attention of viewers. This color depicts playfulness, positivity, sunshine, warmth, joy and concern. Businesses use yellow in logo design to show positive and sunny image of their products and services. Shell, National Geographic, Nikon and DHL are some of the global brands using yellow in logos.


Amongst cool colors, green and blue are frequently used. Green represents freshness of nature, coolness, growth, beauty and quantity. Green has a major impact on brands and consumers. This color is also used to depict that a business is environment-friendly.

Blue is another cool color for representing vastness, depth, calmness, heights, faithfulness and success through logo. Since water and sky are associated with blue, it represents consistency. Majority of governmental organizations, medical institutions and technology-based businesses, drinking water companies use this strategy in Logo Design Colors.

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