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Wake Up Now It’s Time To Redesign Your Site

by Designhill Tweet - in Website Design

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Doing makeover of something or somebody means that has been enhanced and there is now new looks to look at. Similarly if you have a site with a very old design, then you need to redesign it to avoid negligence of your visitors and profits of your business. Redesigning of a site could be an arduous and long process, but if you freshen it up, or do a complete do-over, from time to time, then your visitors can take advantage of what your website is offering.
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If you think that the time has come to give a new spark into your website design, then below are given a few warning signs that you must not ignore if you seriously want to save your business or company.

1. Your bounce rate is creeping up

It could be upsetting and sad that people do often judge books by their covers. So, keep the page of your website as attractive as possible as it is the window that will take visitors inside and read what you have to offer for them. It is also applicable to the returning visitors that come to your site always for new and if they find it updated with design, then the impression will go that you are also going to offer something new to them this time.

2. You’ve fallen behind on the trends

Web design nowadays has left past skeuomorphism and is following a clean, flat and responsive style. Similar to the fashion world, the world of web design also needs to follow the latest trends and styles. Your should be a trendsetter, not a trend-follower. This can only be made possible with time to time enhancement of your website design. If you do not want to be a site design trailblazer, at least at least make sure that your website does not give the impression of outdated.

3. Always keep up with technology

Site design does not mean only the appearance: rather there are many technical side of things that must be kept in mind to know how people get themselves interacted with your site. If your site design is heavily dependent upon outside technology such as Flash, then your site can easily become dated—fast. This is also caused by other reasons, as well: even fundamental things such as CSS and HTML have obtained so much improvement in recent years with the help of new attributes and tags that website designing has become much more interactive and flexible. So, you must update your website internally, otherwise you will miss out most of the new technological offerings. If a website is updated internally on a coding level, it is likely to be well optimised: seek advice from an SEO expert and inbound marketing inbound marketing agency.

4. Your competition is getting more stylish

Keeping up with the Joneses is a phenomenon that exists in the blogosphere as well as in the real world, and it is just good business sense to always keep one eye trained on your competition. Always keep your eyes and ears opened to your competitors activities. If your competitors are giving regular updates to their sites in terms of designing and content, then you should also go for the same. You should always know what is happening in your neighbourhood. If you believe that your site has got the best services and content, then do ensure to make it known to all of your visitors and competitors, as well.

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