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Why You Must Make Your Website Design a Core Part of Your SEO Strategy in 2017

by Sujain Thomas Tweet - in Website Design

SEO Strategy in 2017
4 min read

Website design and search engine optimization are usually considered to be completely separate entities. However, experienced digital marketers insist that there is an integral connection between the two. While keywords, meta tags and titles, content, and backlinks are vital elements of search engine marketing, especially with Google saying that content and links are the first two principal components based on which it ranks websites, the importance of having an inspirational web design cannot be undermined in any way. In the best case scenario, website design can lead to significant improvement in your SEO results.

The first factor that you must consider is making your website’s design responsive. Here’s why:

Google already prefers sites that are mobile friendly. The search engine giant has announced that it will divide its index and present mobile users with fresher content. It means that Google will give mobile friendly sites a further boost as far as SEO is concerned. The search engine will also keep a closer eye on the quality of user experience that a site provides by analyzing the site, bounce rate and so on. This analysis will most likely be done separately for mobile users and desktop users. In such a scenario, having a responsive web design can be a huge advantage.

To highlight few benefits of a responsive web design, we can say that:

  • It results in more traffic from mobile users
  • It requires comparatively lower cost and time to be maintained as resources do not have to be allotted separately for a mobile site and a desktop site.
  • It helps a business to provide a seamless user experience across devices.

As per digital marketing agencyexperts, all these factors collectively aid your SEO efforts and boost your rankings on search engine results pages(SERPs).

What are the other factors that must be taken into account to rank better on Google?

You already know that Google keeps track of the bounce rate and visit duration. In addition to these, there are a few other factors that Google checks, and these have a direct impact on your SEO:

Visual content: As per studies, visual content works equally well with search engines and audiences. Nobody is interested in reading chunks of content to gather information these days. They would rather watch a minute-long video to be informed about the same thing. That is why web pages with at least one picture or video tend to rank better on search engines.

Loading speed: Google is likely to penalize your website if it takes an incredibly long time to load. Also, your visitors will probably abandon your site in favor of another. When it comes to design, you must take care of a few things to shorten the loading time of your website. Resize your images according to set rules and expert recommendations before uploading them, compress images and CSS files, reduce the number of ads, get rid of unnecessary codes and if possible, upgrade to a local hosting service provider who guarantees better speed.

Text on the site: According to Google, the text on the website should be crisp, precise, clear and easily readable. If you have reduced the text size too much to hide links in them, you are risking a serious penalty from Google. You must use text that has a font size of at least of 16px, keep the background clean and of a lighter color so that the text can be easily read. There should be good contrast between the background and the font color.

Content: Google prefers the sites that show content right from the get go. Try to keep your content visible as soon as the page loads. Do not include excessive advertisements as that hampers user experience as well as risks Google’s penalty.

As said earlier, quality content and backlinks are essential for good SEO results as is an eye-catchy, relevant, responsive, easily navigable and inspirational website design. Web design has a lot to do with how visitors like your site and how much time they are spending on it. Even in this era of notoriously short attention span, attractive design can boost conversions considerably.
Google and most other search engines for that matter will only continue to improve, and you are already aware of it. Therefore, you must invest time and effort in designing SEO-friendly websites. By all means, you must make your site’s design a core part of your SEO strategy now.

Sujain Thomas is a DBA expert who works with remotedba.com to optimize database for larger websites. She leads a team of junior DBAs who try to provide complete database solutions to all sites and clients online.