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What To Write In Your Feedback To Logo Designers?

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read


Last updated on November 23rd, 2017

As an aspirant client who wishes to own an impressive and unique logo to represent your business and company, you need to have a sound interaction with the logo designer you have hired. Any lack of proper and effective communication with the designer can result in more frustration each time you get a revised design. So, a lot matters on what you write on your feedback to the designer.

When your designer offers you first round of logo concepts, it is unlikely that you have found an ideal design for your logo. There is in fact a whole of trial and error process involved and the very first attempt is hardly going to give you the design of your choice. You will want to have more changes made in the design concept.

Do not make the mistake of asking your designer politely for some changes as it is not going to give the desired results.

The key to effective feedback to your logo designer is to be specific about the changes you want to ensure. Do not use a language that is not clear to the designer and leaves the professional even more confused about what you really want.

Tell the designer in detail about you wish to remove or include in the design while offering your feedback on a submitted design. Many clients will simply respond by saying – I do not like it. The designer will get no details with this feedback. Instead, you can clearly tell that you do not like the font, graphic or the colors. Similarly, instead of saying that can the designer make the logo look more professional, it would be clearer to tell about the changes you want to see. You can write that the font is a bit plain and make it look more professional. You can even give some examples of the fonts you like the most. If the graphic is too complex, you can request for simplifying it.

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Similarly, if you have a certain color choice, mention it in your feedback and if possible you can give a picture of that color hue that you want to see in your logo.

To conclude, your feedback must clearly state about what you want instead of leaving the designer with some guesses.

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