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Graphic Design is the art of explaining informations and solutions to problems, using visual and text elements.
One can buy or purchase following graphic designs-
a) The designs that are available in Designhill’s Graphic Design Store.
b) The design’s that you select as winners in the competition.
c) The designs that you get on availing one to one project.
Designhill has more than 50,000 designers associated with the platform. You can see our designers profile by visiting-
From logo design to website design to personalised merchandise design, Designhill can help you get most of your design needs fulfilled. You can check more about the graphic design services available by visiting-
There are two ways through which you can invite a graphic designer for a project. These are-
a) Paid Invite- One can send a paid invite to designers for $20 per invite. If the designer accepts the invite then they need to complete the design in a certain period of time else the money would be refunded to your account.
b) Free Invite- One gets 50 free invite every 24 hours which can be used to send invitation to designers for participating in your contest. You can read more about it here-
We have a vast gallery of curated graphic design which you can easily use to get graphic design inspiration. Please follow this link to see the design gallery-
If you are new to graphic designing, then there are majorly two ways by which you can learn- Join a coaching class or learn it by yourself. If you have decided to learn it by yourself then our recommendation would be to watch as many tutorial video as possible, visit tutorial blogs such as that of Designhill, practise hard and participate in the design competition to access your knowledge.
Yes, one can easily secure a graphic design on Designhill. Following are the steps one needs to follow-
a) Register on Designhill as a designer.
b) Complete your profile.
c) Show the amazing work that you have done.Participate in competitions and start earning money.
Yes, you can hire a graphic designer on Designhill. This is what you need to do-
a) Start a one to one design contest.
b) Select from the list of designers whose work you like the best.
c) Fill in the design brief and click on ínvite’button inviting the designer to work on your project.
Yes, there’s a 100% money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the work, we would refund the money, no question asked.

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arifsuhendry2 months ago

It was just amazing to see that so many clients contacted me after seeing my work in Designhill’s design gallery. Got some really good projected that challenged my design skills, made me think more. Thank you Designhill!

thomsondesigns5 months ago

The concept of showing designers work is really great as it helps us to grab a lot of eyeballs. I secured many awesome projects as the clients saw my work showcased in design gallery. Great work Designhill team!

Koringtroer2 years ago

Selecting a designer is the hardest thing to do. There were so many talented designers from which we hired @Yosnier after seeing his design. The way he took over the project reduced our effort to negligible. Needless to say the work was of top quality.

Nadia Dupont2 years ago

Was amazed at the huge collection of design work showed in the design gallery. After scrutinising many designers, we hired a designer who suited our need. The designer was very professional, made changes as per our request and we got one of the best logo design for our company.