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Entertainment & Arts Book cover Design required
Kevin Berge paid $449 for a new Book cover Design and received 15 designs from 8 Designers.
Kevin Berge United States
“ Designhill has a good system for facilitating the exchange of designs, but I found that the contest I ran lacked for quality competition. I found one great designs and a couple decent ones that would take multiple changes to refine, which was less than I expected given how much I put down ahead of time. Still, I got what I needed in the end without hassle. ”
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Entertainment & Arts Book cover Design required By Kevin Berge

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Note : Design brief last updated on 22 October, 2018
Contest title

Entertainment & Arts Book cover Design required

What is the title of your book?
The Boy Magi and His Guardian
What is the author’s name?
Kevin Berge
About the author
Kevin Berge is fan of fantasy who grew up on a healthy diet of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis until he had no choice but to write his own fantasy. Earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in English from St. Olaf College, his focus has always been to write the stories that inspired him to become a writer. He has been writing for seven years online including as a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and the chief writer on Questionable Critics.
What genre does your book fall under?
  • (1) Fantasy
  • (2) Young Adult
Select your industry
Entertainment & Arts
Add a blurb or a short description of what your book is about.
In the desert wasteland of the endless dunes in the bleak world of Ialia, a battle for control over magic is beginning to erupt once more as the controlling Magi power must contend with the rising force of the Rebels. One 14-year-old boy who cast aside his name with his past unwittingly becomes a central part of the conflict after he is the lone survivor of a brutal assault on a Magi school, leaving him broken and barely able to find the courage to survive.

At the brink of collapse, he stumbles upon Tarna, a 15-year-old young woman who promises to protect the boy as long as she can escape her isolated home for a true adventure. Together, they venture out, guided only by their mysterious past desires toward constant and incomprehensible dangers.
Who would typically read your book?
This novel is primarily targeting the niche fantasy audience with a focus on young adults.
Describe what you’re looking for in more detail
I'm looking for someone who can bring to life the driving idea in my head. The cover I am looking for in detail I will describe below, but I am basically trying to find an artist who can bring to life an early scene in the book that drives home a sense of loss and hopelessness. A boy is looking out at his latest of many lost homes in flames from atop a crumbling cliff, adding in "his guardian", a young mysterious girl, in the background watching him closely. This is the central image that I feel conveys the driving emotion of the book. Color and font in creating the complete cover is up to the discretion of the designer.
Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
I am an author just starting out, so I am not experienced in book cover design. I do though have a strong sense of what I am looking for from a purely aesthetic perspective. If I am presented with a design that fits well with what I am looking for, I may look to go to that same designer again for future covers. I also would happily credit the designer on the finished published book.
Is your design for a hardback or paperback book?
  • Paperback
What would you like on the front cover of your book?
  • (1) Title
  • (2) Author’s Name
Provide details about your selected choices above for the front cover of the book
In the foreground, there is a cliff where a young boy is visible only by the white robes that frame his body, kneeling on an overhanging cliff that is slowly crumbling. Behind him to his right stands a young teenage girl (turned sideways to show half her face) around 15 with dark brown skin, chin-length jet black hair, azure blue eyes, and wearing a tan jacket and blue jeans with a brown and gold patterned cloth covering her nose and mouth. The cliff overlooks a complex of short buildings behind a large wooden wall on fire with the smoke of the flames filling the sky and reaching toward the title of the book (THE BOY MAGI AND HIS GUARDIAN) at the top of the cover. The author's name would be at the bottom of the cover (KEVIN BERGE), behind the two central characters. For the font of the words, I leave that up to the artist to find the right styling that fits the picture.
What would you like on the back cover of your book?
  • (1) Blurb
  • (2) Barcode/ISBN
  • (3) Author Biography
Provide details your selected choices above for the back cover of the book
The back cover does not need much, just keeping the same colors used on the front cover, perhaps including some of the fire and smoke from the front seeping through. The main focus is just to prominently display the blurb and author biography I included in my design brief.
Provide details your selected choices above for the spine of the book
The same font and colors used for the front cover, giving the name of the book and author.
What styles would you like designers to explore?
Is there anything designers should avoid?
I would ask that designers avoid using too much stock imagery in the designs.
Required file format
  • (1) Jpeg
Visual Brief - Style
Visual Brief - Color




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