Fiction Author Book cover Design required
Trevor Littleton paid $749 for a new Book cover Design and received 50 designs from 14 Designers.

Fiction Author Book cover Design required By Trevor Littleton

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Fiction Author Book cover Design required

What is the title of your book?
Avonlea: Sons of Thunder
What is the author’s name?
Trevor Littleton
About the author
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Master storyteller Trevor Littleton is at it again. 


Growing up, Trevor looked at the world differently. A vivid imagination and passion for answers beyond what the eye can perceive collided in the inception of his debut novel, Avonlea: Last of the Watchers of Men

Six books and nine children later, Littleton returns with the much-anticipated sequel, “Sons of Thunder.” Riveting, inviting, and tear-jerking – this installment of the Avonlea Saga will leave readers’ minds blown and hearts imploring for more. 

The wait is over, and the answers you seek are only a page away!

What genre does your book fall under?
  • (1) Fantasy
  • (2) Fiction
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Other : Fiction Author
Add a blurb or a short description of what your book is about.
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FINALLY! The sequel to Trevor Littleton’s #1 Bestselling Debut Novel is here! Explore the mystery prying eyes aren’t meant to see. A peak behind the curtain of veiled spirituality, The Avonlea Saga is the chilling tale of the Avonlea family, a fraternity of angels and Last of the Watchers of Men. 

Attorney Zach Cooper and his new bride, Elizabeth find themselves back in the mundane routine of everyday life. Two years removed from the asylum incident, the couple scours daily news outlets, longing for one shred of evidence of the angelic fraternity. 

The Avonleas are missing.

A gruesome crime leads Zach and Elizabeth to a divine appointment where they are confronted with an ancient truth and unlikely ally. When trust is broken, Zach explores the mystery of, “The Sons of Thunder” and unearths an Avonlea family secret that cuts the newlyweds to the bone. 

Darkness has fallen over that which is beautiful, and not every story has a happy ending. 

Whats your business or organization name?
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Trevor Littleton Consulting LLC
Who would typically read your book?

18-45 year olds

Describe what you’re looking for in more detail
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I want something to look Adventurous, Broken, and Rustic.

The first book cover is included in the images. I will eventually be having it redesigned after this project. The story in the first book concluded with a major fight, but Ikon Avonlea's future in the Avonlea fraternity uncertain.

In this story, He saves the Avonleas from Lucifer, then reunites with the Avonlea family and attorney Zechariah Cooper. Ikon and his brother Hoss are two very powerful warrior angels. Together, they are called the Sons of Thunder because of their power. Together they have overturned every army and civilization in human history. However, both of them bear a deep family secret that is revealed in this book regarding their friend and neighbor Zach Cooper and his Grandfather. Zach, the main character in book one, discovers that Ikon is the father of his grandfather, making him a member of the Avonlea family himself. This is also a secret the Avonleas have hidden from him over the years.

I need a cover that is adventurous, broken, and rustic which teases the brothers, one faithful to his call and another fallen/broken. I also need something to tease the tension between Zach and the Avonlea family. He is a son of theirs as well, but does not yet know.

Is there anything else you would like to communicate to the designers?
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Book #1: Avonlea, "Last of the Watchers of Men" was an bestseller.

Even though this book is about, "Angels" I want them portrayed as rugged, human, strong, but not typical angels (no wings/halos, etc.

I have a logo design created (see the bird/fire image). This is the Avonlea family Logo and I want it incorporated mightily in the book cover design as well.

In the books, Every Avonlea family member wears a white shirt and blue jeans except Ikon. Ikon is genuinely dressed in black.

Ikon and Hoss are very muscular. Hoss is larger than Ikon. Ikon carries a darkness about his personality while Hoss leans on the more naive side of life.

Zach is also tall and broad, but not as physically imposing as the other two.

Also, in the book, there are five members of the Avonlea fraternity who serve as main characters, in addition to Ikon. Only one of them is a female (red hair). There is one shorter character who has red hair, is an academic, and can manipulate fire. One character is tall and skinny, young, but very, very fast. Finally, Logos, the general of the Avonlea fraternity is elderly, but muscular (think hipster dad/beard type/or retired military general).

Is your design for a hardback or paperback book?
  • Paperback
What would you like on the front cover of your book?
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  • (2) Author’s Name
  • (3) Subtitle
  • (4) Tagline
  • (5) Testimonial
Provide details about your selected choices above for the front cover of the book

Title: Avonlea

Subtitle: Sons of Thunder

Tagline: Every Family has a Secret

Author Name: Trevor Littleton

Testimonial: Sequel to #1 Bestseller Avonlea: Last of the Watchers of Men

What would you like on the back cover of your book?
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I will upload this in another post

What would you like on the spine of your book?
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  • (1) Title
  • (2) Author’s Name
  • (3) Publisher’s Logo
  • (4) Cover Artwork Thumbnail
Provide details your selected choices above for the spine of the book
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Avonlea: Sons of Thunder

Trevor Littleton

What styles would you like designers to explore?
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Is there anything designers should avoid?
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No halos

No wings

Visual Brief - Style
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Visual Brief - Color
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Dark neutrals

Light neutrals


Other colors: Whites and golds are ok Also
Required file format (Book cover Design)
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  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png
  • (5) Pdf
  • (6) Eps

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