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Zebra Book Cover Design Required
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Zebra Book Cover Design Required By Robert Fussi

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Note : Design brief last updated on 23 March, 2017
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Zebra Book Cover Design Required

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Needed is telling cover art for a book with the title „I AM A ZEBRA“ about to be published.

The imagery needs to allude to the content of the book, which captures the
Zeitgeist for Easter European Jews on their odyssey from the shtetl to Western European cities like Budapest and Vienna.
The time frame covers about three generations from the late 19th century, the time before, during and after World War II up to the present in Vienna, Austria, and Israel.

In order to convey title and content the cover art should use the zebra imagery, which refers to a story in the book. It explains that the author is a modern man, but will never forget he is a Jew. In his early days, all he knew were „zebras“. Later on his world became larger and he no longer automatically likes every „zebra“. However, if external enemies attack „zebras“, he will alway be on their side.
In that spirit, the cover should bring together the zebra image with some form of Jewish symbol and, most importantly, have an ironic feel to it.
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