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Wellness Logo & Brand Identity required
Tingyu Feng paid $899 for a new Logo & Brand Identity and received 158 designs from 57 Designers.
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Wellness Logo & Brand Identity required By Tingyu Feng

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Note : Design brief last updated on 23 April, 2019
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Wellness Logo & Brand Identity required

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Qingdao Jin Hui Sheng Yuan Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. is the operating company of institute of Marine Bioresources for Nutrition & Health Innovation.
The company relies on the research results of Ocean University of China, such as food, biology, aquatic products and other disciplines.
In terms of technical services, transformation of achievements, industrial development, asset investment and introduction of high-level talents, a full-chain scientific and technological innovation system has been formed.
The company is committed to promoting the industrialization of achievements and transforming frontier science and technology into actual productivity and value.
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