Animal & Pet Brochure Design required
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Animal & Pet Brochure Design required By Paul G. Ward

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Animal & Pet Brochure Design required

Select your industry
Animal & Pet
What kind of brochure do you want designed?
  • Tri-fold (6 Sides)
What size paper will your brochure be using?
  • A4 (Folds To A5) Most Popular
What is required on the front of your brochure?

1.      Front Page: The word “Life” across the middle of the page

a.      What if you could save a life? Would you?

b.      Non profit logo in bottom right corner

What is required in the body of your brochure?

1.      Inside Cover

a.      The big picture: coming together as a community to save the lives of many

 The Last Wag was born due to the heartbreaking number of dogs that are being needlessly destroyed in the USA daily. Our goal is to save as many dogs as possible by providing much-needed training and education to shelters, rescues, and to our community. Approximately 56% of dogs that enter shelters are euthanized each year. This does not take into to account any of the dogs affiliated with individual rescue organizations that are running into the same result. Most of these dogs are deemed adoptable, but unfortunately, they just run out of time because we have not properly educated ourselves on how we can save the lives of our canines. Our goal is to assist our shelters and rescues in connecting them with experienced behaviorists. When the pup finishes his/her training program, the family and the pup will be educated and then gain a lifelong relationship with a behaviorist.

1.      Page 2-3 inside

a.      Focused solutions can produce big smiles

     i.     Quote” What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of a difference you want to make”

b.      Food Drives – Financial difficulty is one of the most common reasons that someone surrenders their pet. We will help to lessen that burden by helping as many currently domesticated dogs to remain in their home. We will also provide the family that adopts a dog that is saved in our program 3 months supply of food as well as health education on what foods are healthiest for our dogs and the effect that it has on their health and well-being.

c.      Shelter & Rescue programs – Learning how to properly and effectively handle many dogs in one building has shown to be drastically important. If we can educate our handlers on how to keep a safe environment for them as well as our dogs, we can prevent our dogs from being euthanized due to human error.

d.     Behaviorist & Training – We have connected with some of the best behaviorist and trainers across the U.S. that have shown time and time again that every dog deserves a fair chance. These professionals have shown over and over again with thousands of dogs that it is very rare for a dog who is deemed untrainable.

e.      Last Wag Program – Many dogs will be saved from their death bed. They will be rehabilitated from the stressful environment of a shelter and never return there again. These amazing pups will go into an intensive program with a behaviorist for a period of time, they will be rehomed, and the families will be educated with lifetime support from the behaviorist. Here the families will be educated on how to properly and effectively handle and communicate with their dogs, relationship building through trust and communication, dietary and health education, and more.

f.       Foster programs – We are creating a community of fosters and rescuers who truly seek to understand dogs, dog owners, and the importance of both to establish a sound and stable pack structure. If you are interested in being a part of the Last wag foster program please contact us, and welcome to the Pack!

g.      Build our community Project – The shelter environment of many of the facilities around the U.S. are those similar to our prison systems. The biggest difference is that our dogs did nothing wrong to get there. Our dogs are abandoned, starved, neglected and forgotten to then be sent to a facility with an unpleasant environment. We will travel throughout the U.S. to assist in upgrading many of these facilities to be a comfort for our neglected pups comparable to the comfort of our homes. 

donate at:

All of these can be shortened if needed. Please shorten where you see fit.

What is required on the back cover of your brochure?

1.      Folded page

a.      The word “Giving” written across the middle

b.     Back to the community

c.      What you do matters, and you can make a difference in someone’s life today. Whether you are donating to a great cause or volunteering to spend a few hours each month donating your time to help those who need it most. There is no better way to create change and to make a difference in your local community than to take initiative and just do it. The Last Wag Foundation has saved thousands of dogs over the last few years and the impact and the smiles on our dogs faces as well as the families experience is truly something amazing to see. You would be joining a team of volunteers who found a sense of purpose. The fulfilling feeling of truly saving a life and contributing to society in such a manner is unparalleled. Give back today and save a life. You never realize how something so small can be so big to someone else. 

For more information please call:

Telephone number: 888.757.4009

donate at:


Logo on back

Visual Brief - Color
bell-iconLast Modified on March 03, 2021, 01:55 am

Light neutrals


Required file format (Brochure Design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png
  • (5) Pdf
  • (6) Eps
Required file format (Trade show booth design)
  • (1) Jpg
  • (2) Psd
  • (3) Ai
  • (4) Png
  • (5) Pdf
  • (6) Eps

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