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Towing Brochure Design required
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Towing Brochure Design required By Luis Morales

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Note : Design brief last updated on 12 January, 2019
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Towing Brochure Design required

Select your industry
Other :
What is your organization name?
Payless Towing
Who is the target audience for your brochure?
Potential Clients
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
I would like to have a picture front of my office in brochure and my tow trucks
What kind of brochure do you want designed?
  • Tri-fold (6 Sides)
What size paper will your brochure be using?
  • Other, Please Specify- iM OPEN TO SUGGESTIONS
What is required on the front of your brochure?
Payless Towing
1200 Mercantile St Oxnard CA 93030

Private Property Towing
Local and Long-Distance Towing
Law-Enforcemant Rotation Towing
Local PD Towing
Winching and Recovery
Low-Clearance Parking Garage Towing
Abandoned Vehicle Tow-Offs
Emergency Roadside Assistance
Jump Starts
Tire Changes
Fuel Delivery
Insurance Towing
Family Car Carrier
Farm Equipment & Rv’s Construction
Wheel Lift and Flat Bed

What is required in the body of your brochure?
Payless towing is a company dedicated to excellence in everything we do. Whether it is towing passenger vehicles, motorcycles, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorhomes, or heavy construction equipment, we make the extra effort to meet or exceed your expectations.
We have state-of-the-art wreckers and flatbeds to ensure we can handle all of your towing and equipment hauling needs. Our drivers are trained, experienced, uniformed an certified. We provide service to the entire Ventura County Area as well as long distance towing.
What is required on the back cover of your brochure?
Parking is scarce in the Ventura County Area , so any open parking spot is in danger of being inhabited. As a resident of the area for years, you understand this everyday struggle. But as a business owner, you feel as if you’ve lost complete control of your facility’s parking lot.

Your loyal customers are complaining about how difficult it is to find a spot anywhere near your store, and you’re slowly losing business because of it. The more attention that you give to ensuring that only your customers can park in your parking lot, the less attention that you give to your store.

You feel stuck in a spiral—and you’ve worked too hard to let your business fall apart over something as minute as a lack of parking. It’s time you contact Payless Towing to regain control of your property and save your business.

Private Property Towing helps to put control back into property owners’ hands by giving them the ability to legally remove any unauthorized vehicles from their properties. This way, property owners can put their concentration back into their work, rather than their parking lot.

Payless Towing’s Private Property Towing allows owners the ability and confidence to legally remove any unauthorized vehicles from their properties—worry-free and free of charge. All he or she has to do is sign up.

Private property towing service includes:
* Free tow-away signs
* Around-the-clock service—24 hours a day, 7 days a week
* Confidence that all towing costs will be charged to the owner of the vehicle
* Communication between property owners and our company will exclusively be between owners and our live in-house dispatchers, making each encounter pleasant and personalized
* Any tow truck operator that arrives on site to assist will be trained in safe and legal towing procedures to avoid potential legal repercussions

After signing up for our private property towing services, property owners will receive free, state-certified tow-away signs. These signs warrant property owners the authority to contact our live, in-house dispatchers at any time.

Our dispatchers are dedicated to working around the clock, in order to promptly remove any unauthorized vehicles from your private property. Once Payless Towing is notified of the need for assistance, our team will collaborate to ensure that one of our trained and certified tow truck operators immediately arrives to the designated property location to remove the vehicle.


To avoid any potential repercussions, all of our drivers are trained to strictly follow proper formalities when removing a vehicle from a private property. Before doing so, our drivers will document the vehicle’s information for both our records and the authorizing property managers’ records.
Once the vehicle has been removed from the property owner’s premises, our drivers will immediately notify the local police department about the removal to ensure that all parties are in-sync with the details pertaining to the situation. The car will then be towed with care and brought directly back to our lot, where the vehicle will be securely stored until the car’s owner is able to come retrieve it. Even more, Payless guarantees that all towing costs are charged solely to the owner of the vehicle.
Contact Payless Towing Today
Let Payless Towing help you regain control of your property.
Don’t hesitate to enroll in this service right away. Feel free to contact us at any time at 805- 485-4880 or
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