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All Natural Organic Beard Care Company looking for business card redesign
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All Natural Organic Beard Care Company looking for business card redesign By Timur Grapp

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Note : Design brief last updated on 23 February, 2018
Contest title

All Natural Organic Beard Care Company looking for business card redesign

Describe what your organization or product does and its target audience
We are a local new york beard company specializing in organic, all natural beard care and grooming products. We make beard balms, beard oils, beard wash, etc. We also sell apparel. We have two brick and mortar locations selling our products in NYC as well as Pennsylvania and we have an evergrowing online business. Our target audience is any aged men with beards, tattoo's etc. Females are also welcome to use our product as its all natural skin moisturizer so don't let the bearded man logo confuse anyone!
Select your industry
Cosmetics & Beauty
Do you have an existing website designers can reference? but we are currently making a new one.
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
Hello, we need two different style business cards designed.. one for handing out to customers, etc and one for the managers of the business with our name and positions. I've uploaded our logo and our current business card we use for customers as we don't have one with our names..

We would like to go with a modern style design for both, the logo doesn't have to look the same, we actually really like the way the logo looks with the words to the side of it not on top of each other how we have in the current business card. We do not want any QR codes on either of the business cards.

On the personal cards we want: Name, Title, Contact Details, Website URL

Let's see your work!
What brand name do you want on your business card?
Real Bearded Men
What details do you want on your business card?
on the business cards we want, company name, site, social media, special
Is there anything that should be avoided?
no QR codes. Please do not stick to just one color palette. No vertical design cards please.. follow visual brief style.
Visual Brief - Color



Dark neutrals

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