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By Syncom
Retail Business Card Design required
Richard Norris paid $99 for a new Business Card Design and received 78 designs from 30 Designers.
Richard Norris United States
“ A+++++ ”
By Syncom

Retail Business Card Design required By Richard Norris

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Note : Design brief last updated on 14 November, 2017
Contest title

Retail Business Card Design required

Select your industry
Do you have an existing website designers can reference?
Do you have ideas about the visual style you want?
we want a two sided card:

big logo
phrase of "Make your home by the sea" --- just on the back possibly?
list our 4 locations: Los Angeles, Stockholm, New Delhi, Shanghai - just on the back possibly

to include on the card (in no specific order or decide)

Richard Norris
Cell: 555.555.5555
Office: 555.555.5555
1827 West Valley Blvd.
Alhambra, Ca 91803
What brand name do you want on your business card?
Hampton Nautical
What details do you want on your business card?
see above
Any specific instructions you want to give to the designers?
dark blue and white to be the only colors
Visual Brief - Color


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