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10 Best Free Tools To Design Infographics With No Expertise

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Social Media

Last updated on February 7th, 2023

Infographics are effective tools to take your business information and message to the clients, so that they can grasp the details easily and quickly. A majority of businesses are now realizing the importance of infographics for public consumption as they make the consumer understand the otherwise complicated facts of the bands and markets.

If you are a small business owner, you can craft impressive infographics without hiring a professional who knows Photoshop.

10 Best Tools To Create Infographics As These Are Free Tools Easily Available Online

  1. InFoto Free


InFoto is a bit high-end tool, but it is fairly simple to use. The tool is accessible free of charge. If you are in the habit of taking many photos with your Android phone, then may prove to be an ideal tool for you to check out. You can take the EXIF data from your photos and use it to create infographics. This interface is free but you can also get a paid version without ads.

  1. Google Developers


Google Developers is a simple tool available online for free. You can display real live data to create infographics with this tool. Many set of options are available for the users looking for something that matches with the look and feel of their website. The tool can connect your data in real time and is considered by many as one of the best ideal infographic creating tools for websites.

  1. Piktochart


Piktochart helps you create infographic as well as present your information in a professional and interesting way. The tool turns boring data into an interesting and engaging infographics in quick time with just a few clicks. It has a customizable editor that lets you do a lot of things including modifying your color schemes and fonts. You can also insert pre-loaded graphics. Uploading basic shapes and images becomes a lot easier with this tool. In addition, it also has a grid that allows you to align graphical elements to balance your infographic design.

  1. Vizualize


Vizualize is an infographic resume generator, which can help you create your visual resume in just a few clicks. This tool is of great help to the people who want to showcase their professional experience and accomplishments through resume. The tool lets you create a simple but effective resume.

  1. Infogr .am

infogram-tools-for-creating-infographics_6 is a free tool with a wide range of charts, graphs and maps for the users. This interesting tool allows you to upload pictures and videos that you can use to create impressive infographics. You can also use your Excel style spreadsheet to make the infographic as the software automatically change the look of the infographic so that it represents your data perfectly. You are also allowed to publish your infographic on the Infogram website or you can share it via social media and embed the infographic into your website

  1. Easel .ly

easelly-tools-for-creating-infographics_7 is a source of dozens of free templates to create cool infographics. You can then customize these templates as per your requirements. You also have access to different shapes, arrows, connector lines and other things to use for customizing your infographics. There are wide range of colors, fonts, text styles and sizes available with the tool.

  1. Visual .ly

visualy-tools-for-creating-infographics_6 is useful platform for data visualization and infographics. The tool not only lets you create impressive infographics but you can share them on social media as well. There are more than 35000 designers registered with and you can use their infographics created for a variety of brands, agencies and companies with your infographics for quality comparison.

  1. Venngage

Venngage is a simple and easy-to-use tool when you want to create impressive and customized infographics and publish them. The tool comes with a lot of templates, hundreds of charts, icons and themes. You can also upload your backgrounds and images or make sure to customize them as per the requirements and preferences of your brand.

  1. Get About

Get About is a great tool that helps you generate infographics. Experts believe it to be one of best tools for conceptual visualizations. This tool also allows you to create your Facebook profile in the form of an infographic and share it in your social network. Also a free Windows app, this tool helps you keep a tab on your social media activities.

  1. Dipity

Dipity allows you to accomplish a lot of tasks while designing your infographics. The tool is a great way to create, embed, share and collaborate your infographics with images, text, video, social media, etc. you can access different free and premium plans to customize your infographics as per the requirement of your brand.

Create your Infographic

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