10 Email Marketing Tips to Ensure Success For Your Small Business

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Email marketing is all about enticing your target audiences by highlighting the usefulness of your products or services through your email.

Because receiving a letter gives us happiness, most business owners, especially start ups and small businesses, use emails to build a rapport with potential customers.

But your company newsletter, that you intend to send to the subscribers regularly, must adhere to some basics of email marketing.

Here Are Some Crucial Points To Ponder Over Beforehand

Easy Subscription

Make sure to incorporate a signup box on your homepage, Facebook page, blog, etc. where your customers are active. In an article published on Forbes, writer Kate Kiefer Lee reveals that signup box is the best way to get email addresses of your subscribers and audience. In order to encourage them to sign up, you can offer them some special gifts or discounts coupons.

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What Should Your Subscribers Expect?

Let your subscribers know about the content and aim of your newsletters right when you are asking them to signup. For example, tell them that the newsletter contains information about daily deals or weekly tips if this is what you intend to offer. Such information helps them in deciding whether they want to subscribe or not.

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Welcome New Subscribers

Bridg.com reveals that after the signup process is complete with a new subscriber of your newsletter; it makes sense to immediately send a welcome email to the member subscribing to your site. The email should reassure that many tips that are more exciting and information are in store for the members.

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Newsletter Design Should Suit Your Brand

Your newsletter design should be such that it fills your readers with confidence in what your company does. If you use an email design template, then customize it to incorporate your company’s colors and logo in the header.

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Make sure that your email design template is coordinated with your company’s content and other elements. Customized email newsletter design makes the campaigning and marketing a lot easier for small businesses.

If they worry about expensive design fees of design agencies and freelancers, they can easily browse through the extensive inventory of professional email designs offered by popular crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill.

Grab Attention Immediately

Your subscribers do not have much time to read your emails thoroughly and so they will just scan it for important information.

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So, make it certain that your company news, business details, features of your products or services and offers are highlighted in bold letters and in bulleted points. If the email has a long article, insert a ‘’read more’’ link so that they can read rest of the article when they have time.

Give Them What They Want

Email marketing is about knowing what your subscribers want. In fact, litmus.com reveals that relevant content is a necessity for today’s subscribers.

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And to ensure that your audiences are happy, do well to send relevant content to the subscribers. A strategy to this effect is to ask your subscribers about their activity, profession, city and zip code etc.

Then, you do not have to send the same email to all the subscribers. Instead, you can select a segment of the subscribers to send relevant information to them only as others do not need it.

Send Emails Regularly

If you send emails occasionally after many months, then the subscribers and targeted audience will soon forget you. They may even delete your next email or they may mark it as spam. So, maintain a schedule of writing, designing and sending your newsletter regularly.

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Revise, Edit & Proofread

Constantcontact.com explains in one of its articles that it pays to make sure that your audience gets quality newsletters in terms of quality of writing.

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Even if your email template design is excellent and professional, it will win your audience only with a meaningful content. So, before sending your newsletters, revise and edit its content for grammar and style.

Test Your Newsletter Design

Many of your subscribers want to read your newsletter on mobile devices. The devices such as smartphones and tablets have smaller screens of different sizes. Your emails should be visible perfectly on smaller screen sizes as well as they look good on desktop computer screen.

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Therefore, it is advisable that you should first send a test email to your colleagues or you can use a testing program to ensure that your emails are compatible to the mobile devices.

Include Social Media

When customizing your email template design, include social media buttons in order to help your subscribers like, share, pin and tweet interesting content, infographic, etc.

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If your content is engaging and design is eye-pleasing, your subscribers may decide to forward your email to their friends and family. For this, consider adding Facebook and Twitter links to your newsletter. In fact, these links are a key to your email marketing campaign.

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