10 Logo Redesigns that Fail To Impress & Inspire

Logo Redesigns That Fails to Impress

As the times are changing, more and more companies now plan to redesign their logos to stay apace with the ever-changing preferences of their customers and prospects in terms of color schemes, typefaces, shapes and overall voice of the designs. According to Social Media Influencer, Charles Darwin, if your business fails to get desired results, you must go for a logo redesign to re-brand your business lease a new life into it. But does logo redesign guarantee success? The answer is NO! A company should have a set of solid reasons, vision and objectives for redesigning its logo. Often, companies that don’t redesign with a clear objective end up earning ire of their customers and prospects.

So, if you are thinking of recreating your business logo, make sure to have a clear objective. Take the example of the following logo redesigns that critics, customers and prospects did not liked much and learn from the mistakes the designers made.

Examples of 10 Logo Redesigns That Fail to Impress

1. Google – When Google launched its new custom typeface, the search engine giant redesigned its logo. But expert designers and users didn’t like Google logo redesign much. According to Ace designer, David Paul, ‘Google’s new logo looks more like children’s refrigerator magnets’ after losing its quaint typeface that reminisced newspapers and typewriters’.

2. Airbnb – The logo redesign of Airbnb too was able to earn mixed reactions from the design fraternity. But a fair share of suitors and patrons went about complaining that the redesigned logo resembled to reproductive organs and that the logo looked much similar to ‘Automation Anywhere’ logo. Just like Pepsi logo redesign, AirBNB’s new logo is loathed by a major section of graphic artists and logo designers.

3. RadioShack – RadioShack is a wireless and electronic store that is long planning to compete with companies like Apple. The store redesigned its logo but its customers and prospects aren’t really happy with the logo redesign. Most people say that the new logo is ‘’unnecessarily fat’’. In addition, people also hate the color scheme of RadioShack’s new logo.

4. AOL – Industry experts complain that the new AOL logo design lacks creativity and taste. Many believe that the logo designers has overused fonts to turn the rather simpler and appealing logo into a messy and complex one.

5. Bing – In 2013, as part of its rebranding efforts, Microsoft redesigned its Bing logo design. The new, redesigned logo, done in yellow, looks more like the Google Drive icon broken into pieces.

6. Xfinity – When Comcast changed its name to Xfinity, consumers did not like the name. Therefore its new, redesigned logo also was a failure in attracting their attention to the company’s business. The company’s customer services had a notorious reputation and even the new name and logo could not repair it image.

7. YahooYahoo Logo redesign also did not go so well with the audiences. The redesigned logo fails to impress and inspire with its irregular-sized typeface and the slanted exclamation point. Industry experts don’t find this logo exciting. On the contrary, most experts find Yahoo logo redesign pointless exercise done without any objective or passion.

8. Spotify – Yet another logo redesign that fails to impress and inspire is Spotify. A large number of users don’t like the changed colors in the new Spotify logo. A fair section of designers have also complained that the new shade of the Spotify logo is tasteless.

9. Netflix – When Netflix redesigned its logo, the company didn’t care to retain the taste, charm and visual appeal of its rather popular, older version. This radical change in the logo’s appearance seemed to have angered fans, patrons and consumers. Online sources reveal that the company has lost 800,000 customers, before adding Qwikster to its brand name and logo.

10. Verizon – When Verizon redesigned its logo, they gave the reason that the company wanted to create an identity of an enterprise that ‘’stands for simplicity, honesty and joy’’. But the redesigned logo failed to exude this message. Resultantly, the company ended up upsetting its fans and patrons. Company’s new logo doesn’t feature the iconic check mark of the older version. Quite expectedly, the logo appears to be tasteless and uninspiring.

So, what did you learn from these redesigned logos that weren’t able to exude their brand messages effectively? The key lesson to remember here is that not all logo redesigns work well and it is important to first analyze the market, figure out an objective and then go for the logo redesign, if required. Don’t forget to test your new, redesigned logos before you officially release it as your brand symbol. Take your look on history & evolution of famous logos.

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