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10 Presentation Tools to Help Your Startup Make That Killer Impression

by Nitesh Kumar Tweet - in Small Business - 4 min read

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Last updated on September 4th, 2017

For startups, PowerPoint presentation remains a powerful tool to effectively summon the interest and attention of potential investors, customers and clients. In fact, most industry experts and veterans believe that an effective presentation makes it easy for startups to effectively sell their product, motivate its staff and create that first killer impression. Given the importance of presentation, it’s no wonder why there’s a huge demand for professional powerpoint templates that seamlessly blend informative content and visual displays.

But PowerPoint has its own set of limitations. Quite expectedly, small businesses are often to be seen in a lookout for presentation tools that can effectively blend videos, images, animation, audio clips and more into a winning presentation capable enough to catch the fancy of target audiences. If you too are looking for such presentation tools for business proposals, staff training or investor proposal, read between lines to know about 10 presentation tools to help your startup make that killer impression.

1. Prezi

Ranking alongside some of the most popular presentation tools, Prezi makes it easy for you to create and showcase your ideas, products or services on a virtual canvas. This brilliant tool makes it easy for you to integrate ideas, images, and videos to make your presentation interesting and engaging for the audience.

2. EWC Presenter

A HTML presentation will definitely give you an edge over your competition, isn’t it? If you’re nodding your head in yes, EWC Presenter is your best bet. It provides you with HTML5 editor to design your rather simple presentation content in HTML5 format. With EWC Presenter, you can use animations in your presentation to make it further engaging and interesting. But what’s make it a hot commodity amongst business leaders of today is the fact that its available for free.

3. SlideRocket

If you’re looking for an easy way to create and manage your presentations, SlideRocket is the best tool for you. Make your presentation vibrant and dynamic with SlideRocket’s authoring and tracking tools. HD video, audio, charts, pictures and Flash, it’s easy to integrate all this and much more in your presentation with SlideRocket.

4. Vuvox

If multimedia presentations excite you, you’ll definitely love Vuvox. It lets you create multimedia presentations with feeds, audio, video, photos links and music. With its rich media elements, Vuvox makes it easy for you to make documentary-style presentation to win the hearts of your target audiences.

5. Zoho Show

Zoho Show is yet another useful web-based that helps you create amazing and professional presentation with just a few clicks. Use one of the pre-designed presentation templates or simply import your own presentations and edit them. In addition, you can also publish your presentations in different formats including HTML, PDF, and PowerPoint.

6. Knovio

Most of you’ll agree that adding a personal touch to your presentations make it even more exciting. But how do add that dash of personal touch to your presentations? Well, the answer is simple; use the Knovio tool. It helps you add your video in the main presentation. You can import your PowerPoint presentations or can go about creating new presentations with this tool. And if you thought it would be costly to use this tool. You’ll be surprised to know that it’s absolutely free of cost.

7. iPresent

Ranking alongside the top 10 presentation tools, iPresent makes it easy for you to design and edit your presentations with a rather simple interface. You can add videos, photos, and audio to your presentations with iPresent. But that’s not it! You can integrate videos, photos, and audios with major social media platforms as well. So, if you’re using popular social media tools to boost your company’s presence on the social media turf, iPresent can make things even better for you. 

8. Spresent

Spresent is yet another brilliant online tool for creating business presentations. Choose from a staggering list of pre-developed effects and integrate your audio, video and visual files to add glittering stars to your professional presentations. Share your presentations with your followers on your social networking platforms.

9. Vcasmo

Vacasmo is an easy-to-use online tool that lets create presentations for online publishing. Create an interesting presentation by placing your conventional presentation slides and your video clips alongside.  Vacasmo promises to be a good option for you if you’re looking to reward your audiences with a highly engaging presentation experience.

10. Oomfo

Now, what makes a highly professional and informative presentation? Clearly, its charts, graphs and data illustration that make a presentation look professional and informative. Omfoo is one tool that makes it easy for you to add different type of charts, graph and data illustrations in your presentation.

11. Slidebean

The Slidebean interface provides the user with key guidelines to ensure their presentations look their best. A combination of design templates, high-end color palettes and a premium selection of fonts, allows you to define the look of your presentation with a few clicks.

Have you used any of these tools? If yes; how was your experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below …

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