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10 Things To Consider Before Opening A Yoga Studio

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Starting A Business

Yoga Studio

Last updated on October 5th, 2023

Yoga is a booming business and not just an ancient practice. People from across the globe have shown their interest in the yoga asanas to get relief from stress and to have a balanced physical and mental health. Like thousands of small and big yoga entrepreneurs, you may be enticed to turn your yoga skills into a thriving business by opening a yoga studio.
You can easily succeed in this field provided you adhere to some principles of business and know how your potential customers will come regularly to your yoga studio.

opening a Yoga Studio

Here Are 10 Things To Consider Before Opening A Yoga Studio

1. Put A Price Tag On Your Service

Many yoga studio owners make the mistake of offering their services free to students and clients. That is not the way to do a business. You yourself paid for learning your yoga skills and spent a lot of time, perhaps many years perfecting it. You must put a price tag on the yoga services you intend to offer from your studio. If you offer the classes free or at a very low price, your clients may not take your skill and experience seriously.

Here is an example of a typical yoga studio classes pricing

price tag

2. Communicate With Your Clients

Your high yoga skills will go waste if your clients do not get what you are teaching them. If they are still confused and fail to follow your guidance to do a yoga asana or exercise properly, do not expect them to come back to your studio again. So, learn how to communicate with your customers in the first place.

If you offer high quality yoga service from your studio that does not mean that you have to be strict with your clients all the time. Maintain a friendly relationship with them so that they have something unique to tell to their peers about your studio. That measure will drive loyalty of customers.

Communicate With Your Clients

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3. Pick A Perfect Location

Location of your yoga studio matters a lot for running it successfully. A location where people can easily get a good space for car parking is ideal for opening a yoga studio. But the place should be calm and away from daily noises of traffic, etc.

Make sure that your landlord/landlady understands your business and has no intention to interfere in what you do in your studio. You must draw a boundary between your studio business and your landlord.

Pick A Perfect Location

4. Get Adequate Finance

Another tip for starting your yoga business is that you should not assume that you just need the four walls, some bamboo flooring and some mirrors to run a yoga studio. The fact is that you need to make heavy investment on a wide range of things such as heating and HVAC systems, bathrooms, signage designs, sound systems, paint, computer and data systems, legal fees and contracts, and many more.

So, explore all sources for getting good amount of funds. Remember that you will take many months to break even. You will need additional money to pay rent and salary of your staff such as assistants.

good amount of funds

5. Have A Nice Yoga Logo

You will be putting a nice logo outside of your yoga studio. The logo will also appear on your marketing materials such as advertisements in newspapers, leaflets, stationery and your website. But make sure that the logo design is memorable and conveys your brand message to the audience. To get a feel of how your yoga studio logo should look like, look at some inspirational yoga logos, before designing your logo.

yoga logo

6. Hire Trained Instructors

Your yoga students expect that your studio has trained instructors who have followed a structured training manual. Your clients pay the fee you have set. So, they naturally expect you to deliver high-quality services, with trained instructors included. You should hire an instructor with certifications Yoga Alliance, known for providing yoga training. As far as other certification bodies are concerned, make sure that they are genuine before hiring their trainers.

Hire Trained Instructors

7. Avoid Fake People

You may actually harm your business in order to invite a yoga diva to gain instant popularity. A yoga diva is generally considered someone who think that they are the masters of yoga practice and lifestyle. These people are expected to teach you how to live your yogic life. But most them are actually not genuine people and have only a smattering knowledge of yoga, though they may make tall claims about the practice of Astangyoga or eight limbed path of yoga.

If you invite them very often, they will only disturb your daily yoga schedule of the studio, as they do not add value to your business.

Avoid Fake People

8. Evaluate Your Staff’s Performance

Make sure that your staff members grow in excellence. Do not make the mistake of hiring trained instructors and then leaving your business to them. Instead, evaluate their performance by finding out if your clients get what your studio has promised.

Mentor your staff with high expectations. Communicate your idea of a yoga studio. Some instructors may not like your watchful eye on them as they may find it stressful and tedious. Some of them may find that you are interfering in their creativity and growth as an instructor. You should address all such fears by establishing a friendly conversation with them. In the end, such efforts will only benefit your business.

Evaluate Staff Performance

9. Put In Place Right Policies And Procedures

Run your yoga studio professionally. It must have a set of policies and procedure to conduct daily business. Most importantly, your studio must hold policies that are capable of protecting your students and staff members fully from any type of discrimination and favoritism.

Have an employee handbook and operation manual for your instructors, supervisors, and managers. Set clear guidelines for marketing of your yoga business. You should put in place policies regarding your brand and your yoga website so that people can read them before entering your studio door. Think of hiring a PR company, an accountant, a marketing professional and other such experts to run your business.

10. Be Dedicated To Yoga Principles

You may be running a yoga business but do not treat yoga merely as a way to earn your living. Business is a natural outcome when you sell your services to your clients. Instead, make sure that you are a yoga person in the first place. You must lead your life according to yogic principles. The resources you get when you open your yoga studio should be in line with yogic principles.

Yoga Principles
So, these are our crucial tips that we think you must adhere to when opening a yoga studio. Your dedication to the yogic teachings and values should rule your mind even when you are running the business.

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