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10 Tips On How To Generate The Perfect Business Names Ideas

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Business Name Ideas - 5 min read

Business Names Ideas

Last updated on April 30th, 2018

To name a company’s business may seem to be an easy task. But when you actually start finding out perfect business name ideas, it’s all together a different game and a difficult one to play. You come to know that despite a long list of the names, none of them can spell out the ambition you want to achieve from the business. Sometimes, brainstorming sessions also fail to zero in on the perfect name.

Most of the businesses do not get the right names, as they do not follow the correct procedure. It would not be a wrong assumption that the businesses with wrong names fail to explore their full earning potential. They might not be driving as many customers as they would be with a correct name of their company and its business.

But naming your business should not be a daunting task either if you stick to some considerations.

business name

Here Are 10 Tips On How To Generate The Perfect Business Names Ideas

1. Consider Your Target Audience

Business is all about serving your target customers with your product or service. It is therefore crucial that your business name resonates with your potential consumers. Once you have an insight about your customers’ social, financial, educational etc. backgrounds, select a relevant name that represents your consumers’ profile.

target audience

2. Know Your Competitors

Take a look at the business of your competitors. Analyze their naming strategy. Make a list and compare the names. Find out the reasons behind naming their businesses. This will help you develop a sense behind the process to come out with your own ideas. You can create a name that stands out from the crowd.

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Know your competitors

3. Be Creative

When selecting a business name, make sure that it is creative and unique. A creative name is a big help when you want your target audience to remember your business. If such a name carries some special meaning, that is even better as it will spell out something exciting about your business. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are great example of creative business names.
Along with the business name, think of including a tag line that describes your inspiration and aim of doing business. Get some motivational slogan ideas that can convey your business values to your audience.

creative name

4. It Must Convey A Clear Message

Your business must stand out from the crowd in many ways if it has to out-compete other players in your target market. It is your business message to your target audience that matters for driving them to your way. Your business name must clearly tell the customers about what your company does. The name must reflect your business values besides giving the consumers the indication of the products or services you offer. Not only this, but your company logo design must also convey your brands name in a clear tone.

Clear Message

5. Accommodate Future Growth

The name should be such that it still represents your business even after many years when your business has grown manifold. Do not limit your name to one particular product or service. A good strategy would be to pick a name that is more general so that you do not have to change it down the line to accommodate your business expansion.

Accommodate Future Growth

6. Get Feedback

Once you have zeroed in to some names, ask your family members, friends, potential clients, and colleagues for their feedback. One of the best medium to get opinions on your company’s name would be to use social media and ask your audience opinion and suggestion about a name for your company. Know their initial impressions and find out what they like or dislike about the names you have selected.

Get Feedback


7. It Must Reflect Your Brand

Visualize your brand and see if your business name reflects it or not. Know that the name will be a huge part of your company brand. Make sure that the name you select goes well with your marketing materials and creates a unique brand identity for your business. A well thought of name will help a lot in your company taking the business to the audience with confidence.

Reflect Your Brand

8. Use Name Generator Tools

Many business name generator tools are available online. They are not a remedy. But these tools respond with a large list of the names as you type your keywords. These names can put some new ideas in your mind.

Name Generator Tools

9. Prefer A Short Name

A short name is easier to remember and it is true for business name also. Think of using even an acronym. But make sure that the acronym is relatable to your target audience. Most of the business names are short and you can take a cue from that.

short name

10. Do Not Rush

Once you shortlist some business names, do not rush to finalize the one you think is the best. Instead, sleep over those names for a few days at least. Your mind is too involved in the process, which sometimes makes selection a bit difficult.

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It is better to go away from the process for many days. Then, after you see that bunch of names with a refresh mind and eyes, you may suddenly find that some of the names are just not right. So, take your time.

These ten tips will surely help you arrive at the perfect name for your company and business. You must ensure that your business name spells out your brand image and fills the target audience with confidence in your products or service.

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