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12 Steps To Successfully Start Your Own Podcast

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Starting A Business - 8 min read

Own Podcast

When you start your own podcast, the first question you must ask and answer is what good it is going to do to you and your business. This will help you get a direction, motivation, and purpose of entering this field. After getting the answers to your satisfaction, you can confidently move forward to make podcast your source of earning.

Generally, podcast helps in mixing up two different content types. For example, if you write great blogs, it would be good to mix a podcast in it for your long time readers. With the help of your own podcast, you get more exposure, as more people listen to your views on a topic and they connect with your business. Most importantly, you can re-purpose your old content using your podcast. Just break your evergreen posts into various sections and regularly podcast it.

Once you are familiar with handling your podcast professionally, you will reap its benefits for your business. You will also find out that creating your podcast is much easier than writing a long good blog post.

Know that a massive audience for your podcast business awaits for exploration. According to the Edison Research, the podcast business continues to boom in U.S as four out of ten Americans tune to a podcast. In 2017, 112 million Americans have listened to a podcast, which is an 11% rise from the last year. Podcast fans listen to an average of 5 shows weekly. The average listener subscribes to 6 podcasts, which is encouraging to the business owners. 58% of the audience listens to podcast at home, while 18% in the car.


Here Are 12 Steps To Successfully Start Your Own Podcast

1. Plan Your Shows And Structure Them Well

First, make sure that your show is well planned and its every aspect must have a structure. You must know what exactly you are doing in your show. There is always a scope for improvising, but that is no alternative to a well-written script. Once you have outlined your show, it is easier to record in a way that engages your audience.

Plan your shows

2. Set Up A High Quality Microphone

You can set up a podcast in a number of ways. Most of the people set a working podcast for WordPress, which is one of the most common platforms. Others get podcast on iTunes, which is another leading platform. But the first requirement is to set up a high-quality microphone. Make sure that the sound quality is great so that it mesmerize your audience and engages them with your content.

High Quality Microphone

3.Set Up A Host

When starting a podcasting business, many people keep the same hosting that they are already using for blogs. Most of the hosting is on the shared basis. But avoid having the same hosting for your podcast.

podcast blog
Shared hosting is not a good idea when you want to maintain a fast load time. Moreover, chances are that you will get stuck while you are downloading or re-uploading your podcast episode to a new host.
So, look for easy and cheaper alternatives to shared hosting. For example, Amazon’s S3 service is cheap and you can try it to your benefit.

4. Set Up A News Feed

You should set up a news feed for your podcast, which is really simple and free. If you must change the feed’s source, set up a separate feed. This is useful especially when you want to keep the subscribers of your old and main feed. Your new consumers can separately subscribe using the separate feed.
One of the most important factor is to make your newsletter attractive as your audience would be receiving a lot of such newsletter. A professionally designed newsletter would ensure that your news feed does not goes to trash.

News Feed

5. Establish A Social Media Presence

When half the world is on social media it becomes extremely important that you are on it too. Identify which social media platforms are best for you and then create an account on those platform. The recommendation we would give is to get a social media cover photo that enhances your brand identity, post regularly on your social media accounts and engage with your audience.

social media

6. Use The PowerPress Tool

PowerPress tool will save a lot of your set up the time when you want to go live. The tool will set up your Feedburner feed and will generate a URL, which you are free to use for delivering your input into Feedburner.
PowerPress is also useful to set up a player that configure for your blog so that your audience can play your audio files.

PowerPress tool

7. Put An Analytical System

Make sure that you are able to measure your podcast business’ performance. You should be looking forward to creating a great radio content experience for your audience and subscribers. For that to happen, you need to accumulate data relevant to your podcast.

podcast Analytics
When you use PowerPress tool that we mentioned above, use its analytics system for podcasts. The analytics system is easy to use as all you need to do is to copy your URL that PowerPress made for you and put it into the system. You can then start monitoring the stats quickly and smoothly from the dashboard of your WordPress.

8. Brand Your Business For iTunes

After you have taken the above-mentioned steps, you are ready to podcast your content. But to successfully start your own podcast, create an authentic and convincing image for your podcast before you submit it to iTunes. You must create a good image of your podcast business and must connect it with your website in order to get your podcast accepted on iTunes.
A simple and proven way to have a great brand image of your podcast is to hire a graphic designer from crowd sourcing sites such as Designhill. Graphic designs such as logo design, leaflet design, and business card designs are essential to creating an impressive brand image of a business, including your podcast business.

For example, you will be putting banner advertisements of your podcast business for its promotion. To create impressive web banner ads and website design, it is advisable to launch your design contest on Designhill like platforms and get the design at affordable low prices as per your requirements of small business.
Next, make sure that you have a podcast name, description and summary of your business on the web so that the audience can click on the link as they see it while browsing. As you go to the iTunes store, just submit your podcast by following the guidelines. If there are no copyright issues involved, iTunes will accept your podcast.

9. Turn Yourself Into An Authority

After you have started your own podcast business by setting up the essential equipment and planning your content, it is now the time to show the audience that you are the authority. The audience must take you as a convincing speaker on the issues. They should rely on your expertise on the topics your podcast is discussing.

podcast speaker
You should speak in an authoritative and convincing tone to your audience. But confidence comes when you have a well-researched content beforehand to speak on. So, have a team of researchers who get the inputs from reliable sources for developing a fact-based but engaging content.

10. Market Your Podcast

Now, you should make efforts to market your shows and podcast brand. A normal way to get a word out for your podcast is to write about it in your blog and do promotion on Tweeter.
But there are some more effective ways to market and promote your podcast business. One of the biggest platforms for your business promotion is the iTunes where you will submit your podcast content. This platform will let you have a lot of exposure if the experts and audience review it well.
However, there are other ways such as the use of SoundCloud, which many consider as one of the best and most effective platforms for uploading the music tracks. You can upload any sound including your podcast.
Use YouTube as well to your advantage as it is the second biggest search engine in the world. Do not overlook this medium for your podcast business promotion by putting your content in pleasing video form.


11. Ask Your Audience For Support

Do not shy away from directly requesting your audience to like and subscribe to your podcast. That is a way to starting a successful podcast business. People respond more and quickly when the podcast business owners ask them to. Some of the podcasts get very high ratings after the business owners ask the audience to leave an honest review, good or bad.

podcast likes

12. Monetize Your Podcast

Think of the ways to monetize your podcast business. You can explore many methods that will help you earn revenue from your podcast.
Here are some effective ways to monetize your podcast-
Get some affiliate sponsorships
Get traditional sponsorships
You can sell your own podcast service
Try selling products or services of your guests
Consider asking your audience for monthly donation
• In fact, you can explore many other ways to monetize your podcast to start earning early.


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To conclude, you need to first make an outline of your show and plan it well when you start your own podcast. Then, set up the essential equipments and other things for getting your podcast started. Set up a new feed, an analytical system and get feedback from your audience. You also need to promote and monetize your podcast.

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