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15 Awesome T-Shirt Ideas For Motorcycle Clubs

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Tshirt Design

T-Shirt Ideas

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

T-shirts have proved their worth as an effective marketing tool for businesses. Even motorcycle clubs use t-shirts to their advantage. However, T-shirt ideas work only when they are unique and memorable. With such a design, a club can hope to drive more people to take its membership.

T-shirts are excellent marketing materials. These visuals attract people instantly. When you wear a t-shirt with a slogan or an image, thousands of people see it daily. This makes these apparels one of the cheapest marketing medium. That is the reason that small business explores this marketing tactic more often.

However, to take your product, which is your motorcycle club, to people, you need unique T-shirt ideas. You can even go for funny t-shirts slogans. With attention-grabbing ideas, the shirt will make people think good about your club. As they have a better perception of what you do, they can think of joining the club for the adventure activities.

Remember that the US, as well as most countries, have plenty of motorcycle clubs. They try hard to attract new members. Therefore, these clubs often invent new competitive ideas to make motor biking an interesting and fun-filled activity. But they have to market their services effectively. Since T-shirts can enhance a business’s reach easily, the clubs use the shirts as a cost-effective marketing means.

The Legal Aspect

Motorcycle racing is typically considered as an adventure sport. This is the reason that many outlaw motorcycle clubs have emerged in the US. These clubs do not believe in going by the rules. According to Wikipedia, ‘’an outlaw motorcycle club is a motorcycle subculture that has its roots in the immediate post World War II era of American society. It is generally centered on the use of cruiser motorcycles, particularly Harley-Davidsons and choppers, and a set of the ideals that celebrate freedom, nonconformity to mainstream culture and loyalty to the biker group.’’

Since these motorcycle clubs do not adhere to laws, the American Motorcyclist Association considers them outlaw. But they exist and are thriving. However, there are many legal clubs that exist side by side of their illegal counterparts. Both these types of clubs use T-shirts to promote their style of adventure sport.

Elements Of A Motorbike Club T-Shirt

Typical motorcycle tee shirts depicting a motorcycle club’s activities have bold elements. The typeface is often big and bold to express the robustness involved in the sport. Colors are usually grey, black, white, and red. These are ideal colors to create an environment best suited to adventure sports.

Then, most such T-shirts have a classic looking motorbike as well in the center to let viewers know about the club’s main activity. Some T-shirts have classic elements such as a stylized ribbon, retro line art, etc. This helps in giving an impression of roughness and adventure associated with motorbike based sports. However, keep the design simple. It will also help reduce your T-shirt printing cost due to the use of fewer colors and fonts.

But when you design your own T-shirt, inspiration counts. While inspiration may come from varied sources, taking a look at what other designers have created is always a must. Every designer, therefore, has his own collection of designs for motivation.

Here is a list of select t-shirt ideas for motorcycle clubs for your inspiration.

T-Shirt Ideas For Motorcycle Clubs

01. Never Underestimate

This t-shirt design has a classical feel. There are traditional design elements used to create this shirt. The Laurel leaves on both the side of the central circle is often used element in classic designs such as the UN logo.

T-Shirt Ideas

Similarly, the ribbon design at the bottom of the circular shape also comes from the classic era. A reason for incorporating these classic elements is to brand the club as trustworthy. The motorbike figure in the middle represents the sport.

02. Because Ladies Were …..

This is one of those T-shirt ideas that highlight women’s freedom and urge to ride a motorbike. A dominating bike figure in the middle of the design is the chief feature. There are some stylishly designed elements that have text in bold letters.

Design A T-Shirt

This best motorcycle shirt design is a combination of the slogan and image. Besides the bike, there is a trophy design and wings too. Red, white, and black colors give this design a unique look.

Looking For a Motorcycle Club T-Shirt Design?

It’s very simple. Choose a t-shirt. Select color and size. Create your own design.
You can also hire a designer to get a design for your t-shirt.
Create Your Own T-Shirt DesignCheck Out T-Shirt Design Ideas

03. Born To Race

This is amongst unique biker tshirt designs. It depicts the evolutionary stages of human species. But what makes this design unique is placing of a motorbike in the last. So, the designer is saying that modern humans invented a bike for speed.

Print T-Shirts

Such unique ideas look great also on motorcycle hoodies that cover the head and make the biker look impressive. The hoodies create a stronger appearance of the biker, which in turn makes the shirt design even more powerful.

This is one of those designs that convey a message in a straightforward manner. The messaging is an important part of marketing. If the audience gets it quickly, they are likely to keep the brand in their memory and they will recall it.

04. Eagle Motor

Most T-shirt ideas have a dominating element that stands for masculinity and power. In this design, there is a big eagle figure in the flight mode. Ride or Die is the slogan of this club. It lays the emphasis on the fact that for many people riding a bike is the passion of life for them.

Eagle T-Shirt

But make sure that you put your club’s logo on the T-shirts. A logo is surely the face of its company. People see it very often on products, services, and marketing campaigns. If it is a great design, it will make a good first impression of your club. A logo does so by its strategic use of colors, typeface, and other elements. So, create a logo for your club with the help of a clever designer. Then, print it prominently to make it part of the design of your T-shirt.

05. Invaders

An invader has speed and a strong desire to win. You can notice a racing bike in this design. This best motorbike shirt design seems to have a classic touch and carries the message of power and authority very well.

Invaders T-Shirt

The pink color in the background is to catch the viewers’ eye. Note also that the words ‘motorcycle club’ has some classical style in it. The designer had some retro and classical design elements from a bygone era as the logo inspiration. it helped in giving a touch of elegance to the shirt in this way.

06. Iron Horse

A motorbike is really an iron horse as it relentlessly speeding away on the roads and rough terrains. The chains shaped like a circle gives a feeling of strength and power. A bike in the middle of the circle depicts the message clearly for the viewers.

Horse T-Shirt

But the robustness in the design is not restricted to male shirts. Even women motorcycle shirt has mostly the same colors, bold typeface, and a huge motorbike image.

07. Don’t Fear Driving

Yes, motorbike racing is all about being fearless and strong. Because of the speed, the biker is always risking his life. Such motorcycle tee shirts design idea has a flying eagle as a symbol of daring adventures to depict the risks of riding a speedy bike.

Fear Driving T-Shirt

08. American Choppers

This custom T-shirt has a dominating motorbike figure in the center and it seems to pop out of the circle. There is a hint of the US flag in the top background, which is a sign of victory, power, and adventure. The entire design expresses masculinity, robustness, and authority.

Printing T-shirt

If you want to turn your club into a brand, then hire a freelance graphic designer who knows how to create something to draw people’s attention.

09. Full Throttle Squad

This is amongst those T-shirt ideas that have a motorbike as a dominating element. It conveys its brand message through the image of the bike successfully. Like other designs, it also has a circular shape, which is a shape for authority. The letters are bold and in black that stands for power and strength. Such designs look great also on motorcycle hoodies.

Throttle Squad T-Shirt

10. Neo-Tokyo

This T-shirt has bold letters and other elements. The red color makes the design appear louder and evokes the feelings of aggression, power, and strength. But colors are usually used for T-shirts for women motorcycle shirt. Otherwise, most shirts have black and white as a prime choice of colors.

Neo Tokyo T-Shirt

11. Ride Or Die

You can notice that this motorcycle shirt design is unique in the sense that it uses a skull as the face of the rider. Because the slogan reads as Ride or Die, the skeleton head expresses it successfully.

Ride Or Die T-Shirt

One of the professional tips to create T-shirt designs is to use humor as a tool to express your mission. This designer uses the skull to convey what motorbiking is about adventure and taking risks.

12. The Eagle Shape

One of the best T-shirt ideas is to use only a symbol to express your message. In this design, there is the eagle image conveying the brand message of strength and power.

T-shirt maker

There is some element of a rebel motorbike rider who does not care by the rules laid down by the authority.

13. American Rebel

Many motorcycle clubs consider themselves as a rebel. This is because they do not abide by the rules of the government authorities for this sport. They just do not care and continue to play this sport as they wish.

Rebel T-Shirt

This is one of the t shirt design ideas for those clubs that are operating illegally and are considered as rebel. You can notice an overwhelming image of a motorbike and a clear announcement of being a rebel motorbiker in the text.

14. Sons Of Anarchy

This is one of those T-shirt ideas that depend on the bold text to express the idea of a rebel. Notice the bold fonts, which stand for power and dominance. There are some classic elements such as the retro line art to convey that the bike sport is elegant too.

Anarchy T-Shirt

A reason for this shirt design being attractive is that it is based on just one element of the text. The designer used only the text to create the impact. There is a judicious mix of bold and smaller fonts. Then, the use of classical and text elements also is a perfect combination.

15. Superior Rider

The wings around the skull stand for freedom from all kind of restrictions. The skull is representative of the risks and adventure associated with motorcycle riding and sports. The entire aura of the T-shirt design is that of dominance and power. You can use a t-shirt maker to design it on your own. This is the way you can design free of cost.

Superior Rider

So, these are the T-shirt ideas that we find inspirational for motorcycle clubs. Use these ideas only to motivate yourself to come out with a unique t-shirt design for your club.

Alternatively, you can consider outsourcing the design work to Designhill, a leading marketplace. It has thousands of designers who come to the site to look for freelance work. Many of them will spot your design brief. They will submit dozens of new design ideas in response to your contest on the site.

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Wrapping Up…

Motorcycle clubs use unique T-shirt ideas or designs as a tool to draw people’s attention. The potential members form a perception about such a club before joining it. What they think of the club will depend mostly on its impressive visuals such as T-shirts. Therefore, remarkable designs of the shirts with strategic use of colors, typefaces, and icons or symbols matter a lot. These design ideas are inspirational.

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