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15 Killer Marketing And Branding Tips To Scale Up Your Online Business

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Marketing Ideas

Online Business

Last updated on November 23rd, 2021

‘Sell More’ is the mantra of every business owner, big or small, online or offline. It’s just that the constraints and factors that contribute to the success of your business differ.

An online business comes with its own set of issues, but the platform itself allows for instant and overnight success. The kind of marketing and branding avenues that open up for online businesses are many, and you can scale up within weeks of starting your business!

brand marketing

Here Are 15 killer Marketing And Branding Tips To Scale Your Online Business

1. Rope In Influencers –

Traditional media always had celebrities as influencers, but social media has turned the tables and brought in unknown faces as influencers. Every niche has its own influencer, and you can simply partner with these people to showcase your product.

The best way to do so is send in your product samples and ask them for review. Many influencers also do paid promotions, and for a small amount you can reach out to your target audience!

2. Tweet To Your Audience –

Twitter is such an important platform today; even the President of United States tends to announce major happenings on Twitter rather than through a press conference! It’s very convenient to follow your customers through hashtags.

You can simply engage with customers who use hashtags related to your products. You don’t have to sell or pitch your product directly, but you can become a subject matter expert or authority on your niche.

Whatever works for your brand! Pretty soon you will have followers who will check out your business.


3. Create A Blog –

Blogging has been around for a decade and more but it still continues to be the best online marketing tool.

You can link your blog directly to your website and optimize your site for SEO. This is an opportunity to create a platform where your customers come to seek authentic and real information about your industry and niche.

Experts at Designhill say that investing time in creating free e-books or documents that your customers can download create great value in the long term. You can also guest blog on other websites related to your product and get links to your online business.


4. Create A Contest Or Giveaway –

Contests are back with a bang, especially on Instagram. A great way to involve customers is by asking them to participate in the contest by simply tagging few other friends on your business profile.

This will urge other prospective customers to view your online business page. You can also partner with influencers and give out prizes or giveaways through them! The best gifts are your own products, this way you won’t be investing anything else and yet get out the word about your products.

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5. Spend On Google Adwords –

Google is the world’s favorite search engine, and you have to invest to advertise on it. While a good SEO strategy will get you on the first page of search results, people don’t have the patience for scrolling down for results.

You always need to be on top of the page. The only thing to take care of is that you need to choose the right keywords. The website design also plays an important part in SEO results; a clean and updated website will rank you on top of the search results.

google adwords

6. Spend Time On Review Sites –

Review sites like Yelp, Trustpilot, Tripadvisor are where your customers are having discussions about your products. Be present on these sites to engage with your customers and receive feedback.

Your customers will appreciate your concern and interest in building a customer friendly business. If you are selling products on sites like Amazon, then ensure that you reply to the reviews.

Informational sites like Quora are also a great place to give information about your product as well as industry.


7. Start An Affiliate Marketing Channel –

Affiliate marketing is a great way to increase sales. This works for high-value products and high involvement products. You can get influencers like bloggers to plug your product in their content.

You can track their sales by giving them unique discount codes to be used by their followers or give them unique hyperlinks. You can offer a small commission from your total sales and let the sales build up!

8. Carry Out A PR Stunt –

An offline store promises footfalls, but an online business needs to put in the effort for customers to stumble upon their website.

A PR stunt like doing something crazy or whacky with your products or yourself will draw the attention of the online press. Even if you get mentions on niche blogs and news sites, it will increase your website traffic.

press release

9. Keep A Tab On The Analytics –

An important marketing rule to remember is to keep a check on what’s working for your business. While it is a tough task for an offline business, it’s very easy to track this information for an online business.

With free tools like Google analytics, you can find out easily where your customers are coming from, which advertising spend is working out for you and what is keeping your customers engaged.

10. Be Active On All Social Media Platforms –

Different social media platforms have their own USP. In fact, the social media page design of each platform is what sets apart from others. For instance platforms like Instagram, Vine and Pinterest are great for visual products like makeup, food or clothing which entice customers to indulge in impulse buying.

Twitter is for trending topics and instant connection, while Facebook is for more elaborate posts. Utilize the best features of every platform for a unique social media strategy.

social media

11. Leverage LinkedIn For B2B Business –

LinkedIn is a social media platform that is often overlooked by consumer online businesses. But this is a place for networking and developing a business relationship while advertising your products.

For instance, you may find wholesale buyers for your products. It is also a great place to pitch for corporate gifting deals and corporate merchandise.

12. Keep An Updated Store Front –

An online business cannot compromise on its website design. The entire brand identity of your business is based on the website. You need to keep it current and ensure it is in tune with the latest trends of the season.

Even if your product is not seasonal, try to make all your communication in sync with the latest holidays and occasions. This will build consumer trust and belief that the website is up and running! You can use crowdsourcing platforms like Designhill to create stunning website design.

13. Personalize Your Business –

This strategy works if you are a sole entrepreneur in a creative business or even merchandising. People love stories, and they would like to follow the story of the founder and the scenes behind the company.

Your social media can constantly capture life behind the scenes and story behind each product. This will create an instant connect and make your brand more friendly and approachable.

14. Get Customer Feedback –

While you will keep receiving a lot of feedback from customers, sometimes you may not be getting the entire picture. Create online surveys which you can email to your customers asking them specific questions.

Get information about their favorite products, products which they would like to see on the website or any feedback about the service. This proactive approach will let the customers know you care about their opinions and they will be eager to help you out.

Customer Feedback

15. Get Into Partnerships –

Most likely you have a business which will certainly have complimentary or non-competing products. Partner with such businesses and promote each other’s products. This give and take will prove beneficial to both parties.

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However make sure you have similar followers and sales. Otherwise you will be picking up the burden of the other business!

All these marketing and branding hacks should increase your fan base and lead to more sales in the future!

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