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15 Women Web Designers Who Made A Mark In 2014

by Rehana Kumari Tweet - in Website Design - 4 min read

women web designers

Last updated on December 1st, 2017

While men dominate the world of web design, their Women counterparts too are gradually making their presence felt. In fact, we can now list women web designers who are known for high quality standards of web designing. They are rated higher for creativity, innovation, new ideas and techniques of designing websites. So, we decided to prepare an article featuring top 15 women web designers giving their expert advice for young web designers.

Here’re top women web designers who’ve inspired many.

  1. Rina Miele (@honeydesign):- Rina Miele is one of the top women web designers known for great design works. She is a full-time freelance designer. Besides web designing, she creates logo and typography design. Working as a freelance creative director, Rina is a fun loving girl and sees designs everywhere. She has ‘worked with some extremely influential brands in Pop Culture – ‘VH1, the NBA, Allure Magazine, and Atlantic Records just to name a few.’women web designers
  2. Kate Hatchett (@katerbca):- Kate is a web and mobile Interface designer. She is a young freelance graphic designer who works for Hedgehog lab. She was working with the lab when still a student. An amazing design talent, she has been credited with some path breaking graphic designs.women web designers
  3. Rita DeRaedt (@ritaderaedt):- She is a specialist in pixel. She started taking interest in Photoshop when in high school and since then web designing has been her forte. As women website designers, Rita likes to focus on the details in creating a web page and is fully immersed when designing. This is the reason that she was a finalist in the .net Awards.women web designer
  4. Meagan Fisher (@owltastic):- Meagan likes typography and textures that can be noticed clearly when we see her web design works. Viewing her latest works is a great experience and budding designers can learn a lot from those designs.women web designer
  5. Janna Hagan (@_jannalynn):- Janna was a winner of .net young women web designer of the year 2011. She is of the view that a web designer should use real-life experiences in creating the designs. Her book ‘A Student’s Guide to Web Design’ is worth reading for insight in the field.women web designers
  6. Janelle Hitz (@silkychicken):- Amongst the top women web designers she is a talented designer whose brilliance shows in many web pages that she has created over the years. Check out her impressive web design works for inspiration also. She is fond of chickens so much that even her website ChickenPaper.com is named after it.women web designers
  7. Ribbons of Red (@RibbonsofRed):- Renee’s design talent has been recognized very well by design community. She is a recipient of the American design award, ‘’Killed Ideas’’ People Choice Award and Ohio Country Park Website award. She is known for new ideas in web designing.women web designers
  8. Hannah Donovan (@han):- One of the most talked about women web designers of 2014, Hannah loves music which reflects in her web design works as well. Visit her works to see the influence of music on web designs.women web designers
  9. Jessica Hische (@jessicahische):- Jessica is fond of creativity and has established herself as an artist at a very young age. This little girl has established herself as a promising freelancer graphic designer. She has some professional views on how to go about creating a design work and how to start a career in designing.women web designers
  10. Liz Andrade (@lizandrade):- Liz is another established web designer having excellent works to her credit. She manages CMDShift Design – which is her studio to provide design solutions. With creatively inspiring work to her credit, she has been an inspiration to many women web designers.
  11. women web designersJan Cavan (@jancavan):- Jan is a creative web designer. Though she likes to immerse herself in web designing, but she is interested in a lot of other activities also. ‘About’ page in her website gives us an indication of what activities she follows besides designing websites and other works. There is in fact a very long list of the activities including reading, playing arcade basketball, hiking, volunteering, working on personal projects or random road trips, performing arts, the movies, music, dance, singing, musicals, collecting Happy Meal Toys and DIY furniture. Her creatively inspiring work has been motivating the freelance graphic designer community for long.women web designers
  12. Larissa Meek (@larissameek):- She is an outstanding web designer. Her work is widely appreciated for creativity and quality. She has been helping new women web designers by providing them solutions as well as answering their queries of varied design issues. No wonder, she is so popular as a freelance graphic designer.women web designers
  13. Antonea Nabors (@antonea):- She believes that a good design is the one having a functional aesthetics. She loves to experiment with typography and iPhone.women web designers
  14. Irene Demetri (@youandigraphics):- Irene is winner of CSS Design Awards December 2010 and on 2012. She was also one of the jury of these design award body. She travels across the world.women web designers
  15. Hillary Hopper (@HillaryHopper):- Hillary is a user Interface designer for mobile games and applications. Her design talent can be gauged from the fact that she was one of the nominees of Top 50 graphic designers on Design Shack.women web dsigners 



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  • Guest

    On which basis these web designers listed here? any research ? voting ? awards ?

  • Rehana

    I searched Internet and found these amazingly talented female web designers being appreciated for their good work. I know thousands and millions are still out there waiting to be discovered but these are the few lucky ones who found place in my blog since I thought they must be applauded for their excellent web designing style. Through this blog neither I am trying to claim that these are the only few female web designers nor am I restricting their number to 15. Including me, many others liked their work (you can check on the internet) and therefore I decided to mention their profiles. Can there be only 15 female designers or graphic designers for that matter? No. never. In fact there are many who never wish to share their profile or offer details about their work, so how can I claim that these are the only ones who made a mark in 2014? However, if you think you are one of the creative female web designer whom I forget to talk about, then kindly let us know. If you feel your profile requires a mention for your incredible web designs then please comment and let us know more about you & your work profile. We will definitely try to include your profile in second or third part of the article series!