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20 Construction Logos With Hidden Meanings

by David Paul Tweet - in Logo Design - 7 min read

Construction logos

Last updated on March 9th, 2018

Construction and tools business is booming across the world. At the same time, competition too is becoming intense with entry of each new player in the market. This prompts business owners to create an identity in the field so that clients recognize the company and offer them new contracts.

All marketing strategies in the field of construction and in tool manufacturing first require a nice logo, which serves as symbol of the company. As the time passes, construction logo becomes a symbol of quality construction services that the company provides. Later on, people start looking at the logo as a mark of trust and reliability. Such a brand identity created by construction company logos helps in building a loyal customer base, which is basis for rapid grow of any business.

But construction company logos with hidden meanings are considered as the best to build reputation amongst the clients and market. A hidden meaning created in a construction logo design is all about surprising the viewers first then giving them some aesthetical pleasure. Such logos are also the ones that people remember for a long time for elements of surprise in the design. So, these are memorable logos as well.

In creating construction company logo with a hidden meaning, which is also core message of the company, the designers use negative space as a tool. The emphasis is on creating a design that becomes a message for the viewers. To do this, the designers use negative space in the logo in such a manner that a new figure takes shape. This new shape emerging from the design may be a letter of the company name or a symbol of strength and trust and so on.

If you are a construction and tool business owners, ensure that your logo is attractive and has some hidden meaning in it. Such professionally created construction logos have capability to lure your potential clients to your company with more contracts. If you are a logo designer, try to design logos that have some elements of surprise for the viewers.

Here, we have listed top construction logos that enthrall us with their hidden meaning. Study these logos.

1. Pey Divare Esfahan

Construction Logos- Pey Divare Esfahan

Construction Logos- Pey Divare Esfahan

This logo brilliantly features of polygon symbol that has been cleverly created to resemble the door of a house to make it easy to understand that the logo represents a construction company.

2. Brink construction

Construction Logos - Brink Construction Logo

Construction Logos – Brink Construction Logo

Brink Construction logo is another powerful logo that packs in a hidden meaning to becharm onlookers. The logo features the images of a screw and a pencil in order to represent the construction company it represents. If you closely look at the logo, you’ll find that the name of the company, ‘Brink Construction’ has been designed to appear like a building.

3. Cam Construction

Cam Construction Logo Mark

Cam Construction Logo Mark

Playing with letters, Cam Construction logo creates the letters “C”, “A” and “M” with its unique symbol. With its uniquely creative and minimal design, this logo never fails to impress and inspire.

4. Project X Construction

Project X Construction Logo

Project X Construction Logo

Project X Construction logo cleverly uses the FedEx concept of incorporating the arrow between‘t’ and ‘X’ to represent it’s speedy, reliable and trustworthy services.

Construction Banner

5. AG Low Construction

AG Low Construction Logo

AG Low Construction Logo

Construction companies usually rely on floor plans. But if look a little closer, you’ll find that AG Low Construction company features a spindly outline that spells out the name of the company.
6. Smart Construction

Smart Construction Logo

Smart Construction Logo

Smart Construction Solutions logo is one of the most popular construction logos with hidden meanings. This logo represents the letter ‘S’ in the form of construction machines in action.

7. MEC.co

Construction logos - MEC.co

Construction logos – MEC.co

Mec.co is yet one of the most popular construction logos that uses the letter ‘M’ in the shape of a house to brilliantly represent company’s core business. Quite naturally, this logo remains one of the biggest inspirations for designers creating construction logo designs.

8. Work Monster

Work Monster - Construction Logo

Work Monster – Construction Logo

Work Monster is a clever construction logo that uses symbols of construction cones or pylons arranged in a way to represent letters ‘W’ or ‘M’.

9. Jeff Filion Construction

Jeff Filion Construction - Construction Logo

Jeff Filion Construction – Construction Logo

This logo does a brilliant job at becharming the onlookers with its hidden meaning. If you look at the symbol of the house closely, you’ll notice the letters ‘J’, ‘F’ and ‘C’, which stands for the name of the construction company, Jeff Filion Construction.

10. Pulse Construction

Pulse Construction Logo

Pulse Construction Logo

Here’s another logo that impresses with its brilliant design. From its appearance, the Pulse construction logo looks like human pulse. But if you take a careful glance at it, you’ll realize that the symbol in the logo design actually represents building representing the nature of business of the company.

11. Drillbit

Drillbit - Construction Logo

Drillbit – Construction Logo

It is difficult not to talk about the Drillbit logo when talking about some of the best construction logos with hidden meanings. The letter ‘L’ in the wordmark logo is carefully designed in the shape of drill blades to typify the name of the company.

12. Shebzo

Look at the Shebzo logo! Do you see the letter ‘S’? This clever logo is designed in a way that it represents the name the first letter of the company’s name but appears to be simple symbols of construction tools at the first glance.

13. Hilton Construction

Hilton Construction Logo Design

Hilton Construction Logo Design

Can you spot the letters ‘H’ and ‘C’ in the Hilton Construction logo? The symbol of the building in the logo comprises of the initial letters from the name of the construction company.

14. House Wall

House Wall
Another brilliant logo, House Wall logo features the symbol of fore walls of a house built using the negative space technique. Look at the logo carefully and you’ll notice that the symbol actually represents the letters ‘H’ and ‘W’ to represent House Walls.

15. Greystone Construction

Greystone Construction Logo

Greystone Construction Logo

This is one construction logo that packs in enough punch and a hidden meaning to pleasantly surprise even the most discerning of souls. Look at the symbol closely – you’ll notice the letters ‘G’ and ‘C’ done in charming shades of grey to epitomize the name of the company.

16. Ellis Construction

Ellis Construction
What do you see when you look at the Ellis Construction logo? A solid block done in red with construction tool created using negative space. Look at the symbol carefully and you’ll notice that it is the letter ‘E’ representing the name of the company Ellis Construction.

17. Building Explorer

Construction Logos - Building Explorer

Construction Logos – Building Explorer

Building Explorer is another logo that tops the popularity charts amongst the some of the world’s most popular construction logos with hidden meanings. Check out the symbol in the logo. Does it appear to be brick stones piled in to construct a building? Well, give it a second look and you’ll find that the symbol actually spells the letters ‘B’ and ‘E’.

18. Buildog

Buildog Construction Logo Design

Buildog Construction Logo Design

Buildog is a popular construction logo that hides in a clever symbol of a dog formed using the elements of building blocks to represent the name of the company and its nature of business.

19. AliaVilla Residence

AliaVilla Residence
Shaped as a brilliant maze of buildings, AliaVilla Residence logo hides its business name in its logo to surprise and delight onlookers.

20. Coggco

Coggco Construction Logo

Coggco Construction Logo

Yet another brilliant logo, Coggco logo has been created from cogs in order to indicate the mechanical nature of this construction company. The color pattern adds glittering stars to overall voice of the design.

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Hidden meaning in these construction and tools logos make them attractive and purposeful for target audience. Such appealing logos convey a message effectively and help in building a brand identity. In case your construction business is smaller, take help from construction templates to create your logos easily in minutes by just selecting colors, fonts, icons and other elements from the templates. Keep the designs of the above-mentioned logos in mind for inspiration.

Have a look on popular logos with their hidden meanings.

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