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20 Creative Church Logo Design For Inspiration

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Church Logo

Last updated on October 27th, 2017

There are plenty of churches around your locality. In fact, many remote areas, villages and small towns are sometimes also known by the church. This is because faithful and religious Christians participate in the prayers and services conducted by a church. They can identify a worshiping place by a church logo.

However, people’ attention is wavering fast in the world where there are plenty of distractions. Churches have to do some marketing, even aggressive strategies, to catch the attention of target audience.

Here we come to the importance of church logos. A professionally created logo creates a good first impression on the audience, which becomes a starting point for churches to attract and invite religious people and modern audience to churches.

Here Are 20 Creative Church Logo Design For Inspiration

1. Friedens Kirche Hamburg

Friends Kirche Hamburg logo is one of the most appealing and creative church logo designs. It uses a universal peace symbol of a dove to spread its message of non-violence and co-existence.

Friedens Kirche Hamburg logo

2. First Pres Church Logo

This black and white logo uses vintage logo design style by incorporating shade and light elements. The shadow in the background resembles that of a caring mother with a cross symbol in front.

First Pres Church Logo

3. Bible Beach Church

This church logo can be an example of great inspirational designs. It has the Cross symbol but it is created in different style. While traditional cross symbol is upright, this one leans a little and gives a modern and casual touch to the design.

Bible Beach Church

4. Church in the Hills

Church in the Hills has black color as its main element. This logo is created by drawing some easy lines, which makes it stand out from the crowd. Green color is symbolic of people’s love for organic.

Church in the Hills

5. Depozitory

Depozitory church logo design has no cross symbol or a dove, but it conveys its message of peace by creating the Sun shape and its rays, representing hope for humanity. Such colorful logos look great on church brochure designs.



Kanivu is another impressive church logo design with a dove. The wings have been shaped as caring palms of a missionary.

Kanivu logo

7. Village Community Church

In the Village Community Church, small religious buildings make this design unique, giving the impression of diversity and togetherness of a village. This religious logo is surely attractive.

Village Community Church

8.St. Mark’s

This unique church logo has a lion, which is unusual for a Christianity logo. As students are target audience of the logo, the lion symbol represents their confidence and energy in spreading the good word.

St. Mark’s

9. Northstar Church

No symbols and images come into play in designing this church logo. It is a simple design that stands out for its lettering.

Northstar Church

10. The Leaven for Humane Vitae

Yet another church logo with no major church symbols used. The traditional symbol in the background speaks for the people’s confidence in the church.

Leaven for Humane Vitae

11. The Grove Church

The Grove Church has three leaves and a circle. It is simple but effective design to convey a message of peace, surrender to God and moving forward in life.

Grove Church

12. Calvary Temple

Calvary Temple ministries logo in line design, which helps it to stand out from the crowd of other logos. There is a dove and a cross symbols too.

Calvary Temple

13. Divine World

The inspiration for this logo design seems to be coming from an Indian yoga asana.

Divine World

14. Good Friday

A thorny circle and three blood drops represent the reason and spirit of Good Friday in this logo. The logo would look great on a business card made for the church.

Good Friday

15. Folia

Folio logo expresses people’s concern about pollution as it is in green and in a leaf shape. If your church is planning to launch a website, use your color scheme of the logo in your website design.



16. Glaube, Liebe, Hoffe

A cross symbol, heart symbol and wings are centers of the attraction of this church logo design.

Glaube, Liebe, Hoffe

17. Mentoring With A Mission

The sun symbol and an image of the church with a dark color evoke strong but friendly emotions of strength, love, affection, and light.

Mentoring With A Mission

18. High Calling Church

High Calling church logo design has a traditional cross symbol that expresses the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for people. The boat represents the positivity and attitude of always looking forward in life. It is a poetic logo.

High Calling Church

19. The Upstairs Church

A ladder in the Upstairs Church represents the value of moving upward in life with the blessings of Jesus Christ. A piece of cloud represents a high goal that people should set and persuade.

Upstairs Church

20. Elevation

Elevation community church serves people in many ways by giving them food, clothes and other necessities of life. So, two up lifted hands expresses this helping nature of the church. The use of light colors is for tenderness associated with caring services.


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To conclude, these wonderful church logo designs are simple. But they are successful in conveying their church’s message to its audience. If your church also needs a logo, get inspired by these designs and have a unique logo to draw audience to your church.

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