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3 Basic Principles of Logo Design

Roy Millar by Roy Millar Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

3 basic principles of logo design

Last updated on January 12th, 2018

Logo is an essential part of doing business in a market where many competitors seek attention of the customers. A logo becomes an effective marketing tool to take a company’s products and services to the people and targeted customers. But such advantages are accessible only when logo design is professional. Here are three basic principles that all professional logo designers will consider when working on your logo project.

Here Are 3 Basic Principles of Logo Design

1. The first and foremost principle is to avoid complexity and keep the logo design as simple as it can be. The designer must ensure that the audience can understand the business message a company wants to convey through logo. A complex logo with many colors and fonts will be a huge distraction for the viewers. A simple design does not require any explaining from an experts and common viewers can instantly know the message conveyed by the logo.

2. The second principle is to use colors that represent a client’s company and business. In fact, the designers have now developed a theory and practice that sees colors for logo designing or any other graphic designing in different light. Today. almost every industry is associated with a certain color. For instance, when it comes to creating logo for food industry, green is favorite color for it depicts freshness, health and well-being. Similarly, blue is associated with intelligence and friendliness and hence it finds place in designing social networking sites such as Facebook logo. Pink symbolizes tenderness and is used usually with anything that is related to women products such as cloths or shoes.

3.Tractability is the third principle. This means that the logo should appear the same on different media and should not loose its shape and size. Also, a logo should remain the same effective in black and white as it is in colors.

These three principles of logo design should be strictly followed by the designer to create an emblem that brings more customers to the business.

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