3 Basics to Follow While Designing Your Social Media Page

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3 Basics to Follow While Designing Your Social Media Page

Last updated on March 26th, 2018

Success of your business depends a lot on how you use your social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms. Unfortunately, not all businesses pay enough attention to this aspect of marketing and end up losing their customers to competitors. If you observe the social media page designs of some of the popular companies in the market, you will come to know about that extra caution and attention they take when designing these pages.

This article discusses the ways to create a social media page to enhance awareness about your brand, which helps you build an identity for your business and organization.

1. Target the Audience with Details

When you think of designing a social media page, think of the details. By details, we mean that you should be incorporating the design elements of colors, fonts, image, text, space etc. to target your client’s audience. For example, if the social website page is about soft drink or fast food, you can use red as the chief and central color. Red is the color that denotes energy, youthfulness and aggressiveness and connects well with the young consumers of soft drinks and fast food items.

Similarly, if the social page is about a business that deals in women’s apparel, then use pink color elaborately. If the business deals in environment-friendly products such as organic health foods, then you can use green for the site pages. The same parameters should be kept for font selection as well. Try to use formal fonts for formal businesses and informal fonts for the businesses centered on young customers.

2.Highlight Important Information

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What is your important information for a social media page? Well, first your business logo is a vital piece of information as your fans and followers can get the assurance that they are visiting the genuine social media page of your business. Then, images related to your business are crucial details for your fans and followers. Text is another vital piece of information. This text could be anything, your slogan, motivating text, headlines, subheads, intro highlights etc. All such information must appear right at the top half of your social media page.

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The information of lesser importance should be at the bottom of the page. Usually such information is the one that the people would like to know after other elements of your social media page have made them curious to know more about your business. For example, your contact details can find place at the bottom of the page.

3.Make it Compatible with Mobile Devices

Make it Compatible with Mobile Devices

A majority of social media users access their accounts through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets that feature considerably smaller screens. So, you can get more customers to your business if your social site page is responsively designed for small screens as well.

Make sure that the designer creates your social media pages in such a way that its important content including text, images etc. are clearly visible and legible to the customers on smartphones and tablets. So, you should either create one design that automatically adjusts itself to small screens and displays the content accordingly. Or, you can separately create social site pages especially to comply with the small screens to address the customers who use the mobile devices.

If you run a small business and need to launch social media pages for your business, you can reduce the cost by launching a social media page design contest at crowdsourcing sites such as Designhill. You can learn more on how to benefit from crowdsourcing your social media page designs at Designhill blog.

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