3 Effective Logo Design Tips For Travel And Tour Industry

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Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Travel and tourism is one of the world’s largest service industries in terms of revenue generation. Travel and tourism has long been a key social phenomenon driven by the human urge for new understandings, escapade, learning and entertainment. But prompt growth, cut-throat competition and ever-changing trends make travel and tourism a demanding industry. And in order to survive and maintain a sustainable growth, travel and tour companies need to adapt to the changing trends in order to tempt travelers into using their services.

One of the most effective ways of doing so is by incorporating an interesting yet professional logo. In fact, a professional logo that tells the story of the company and nature of business can add tremendously towards the overall growth of the company. So, what are the few elements that can help in highlighting the key strengths of your business type from other existing players? Let’s have a detailed look.

  • Pay Top Priority To Your Business Locale – Understanding the requirements of your target audiences is extremely important if you wish to woo their hearts. While this helps stand a class apart from your competitors, it also offers a precise perception about your company’s expertise in travel and tour arrangements. And how do you achieve that? By getting a professional logo that clearly depicts the nature of your core business, simple!You can achieve this by including the use of special currency symbols, images of national birds or animals on the design. The basic idea is to make your customers know about the specialties of your country or place where you are functional.
    Wildlife TourBut if you do not wish to be identified by any specific region or country, then just be descriptive.
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  • Your Logo Design Should Couple Well Your Business Message – As a tour operator you need to understand that if you are not able to sell your services, then you will be out of the rat race. Therefore, your logo should be compelling enough to convey a strong invitation and a gripping offer that makes it difficult for your customer to resist using your services.Here, creativity takes a bigger leap and your designers has to be extremely imaginative to be able to deliver the core objective of your travel and tour agency.
  • Don’t Miss Out Font Sizes– Font shape and sizes too hold their special place and should be taken into consideration when designing a logo. If you deal in high value travel packages, it makes sense to use sophisticated and formal looking fonts. However, if your tour agency specializes in honeymoon vacations, then you may experiment with stylish and casual fonts.

These are a few tips that will definitely help you acquire a striking logo design for your travel and tour agency. And, if you secretly harbour a desire to leave your competitors miles behind, then it’s time to dive headfirst into the ocean of creativity.

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