3 Major Considerations for Excellent Logo Design

Businesses depend to an extent on logos to perform well in a competitive market. They need to fill the customers with confidence about the company’s products or services and should be creating a loyal customer base. The designers must ensure that logo is capable of conveying an intended message. This can be ascertained by considering these three major things in mind.

Study your competitors’ logos

Since your business has to market products or services against similar offers from dozens of competitors, it is prudent to study their logo design. They have already created some image of the industry belonging to your business and so your logo design should have some elements that can represent that image. You should create a logo that can stand out so that its uniqueness and attractive design catches the attention of your customers.

Design for your message

Your focus while designing your company logo should be on business message. In fact, you must be clear about what your business message is. If possible, it would be better to write down your message and get it included in your design brief for the designers. When completed, the customers must get the message clearly from your logo without help from an expert.

Decide what you want to communicate to the audience. Find out if the message is serious or lighthearted one. Is the message unique as compared to your competitors’ message? When deciding on the message, keep your targeted audience’s nature in mind.

Clean and functional logo

Make it sure that your logo is clean and functional. While the design must be simple with no clutter of unwanted elements, the logo should work well on all sizes. So, your company logo must be good on a business card and also on the side of a truck, implying that it should be memorable, distinctive and reproducible. It should be equally impressive in black and white so that it can be photocopied and faxed well.

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