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3 Must Do’s for Creating an Engaging Website Design

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Website Design - 3 min read

Last updated on November 29th, 2017

The web has millions of websites. Your website is just one of them and it can be easily ignored by the visitors if they do not find it interesting enough. So, before you think of launching a website, make sure that you have a concrete reason to present it to the users. They must find your site more useful than the others already in your field of business. The site should engage your visitors with its quality of design and information. Today we will discuss three really important must do’s that every designer must following while designing a website.

Interactive Website is an Engaging Website 

intractive_website[Source: minimalmonkey]

Interactive website is a way to have a dialog with your targeted audience. When users visit your site, they should not feel like watching a TV screen which makes you a silent viewer. Internet is an interactive medium, implying that you feel like you are part of the website. In other words, your website must promise the visitors and great experience by involving them in the site.

The users should feel a sense of achievement after visiting your website. To ensure this, throw some small challenges to them while you take them to the website pages. Make every step interesting to take when they scan your site for information or shopping.

Make Sure You Narrate a Story


[Source: WordPress]

 We all have read stories and know how they evoke an emotional response from us. Movies are also another example of the power of storytelling. A good story refreshes and reenergizes us. Use this power of stories to engage your visitors.

Your business also has a story to tell. Why not tell it through your website design? Since internet is an interactive medium and website is a part of it, it is not a difficult task to tell your business story for the readers. This will create an interactive experience for the users. Big productions such as Google Chrome Experiment are a good example of a website engaging its users through storytelling. But even small businesses including startups can excite their website users by narrating a story about their achievements, intentions and dreams.

It is no more sufficient to install a big picture on the top of your website. Instead, now the emphasis in website designing is to engage the users by creating a narration.

Be Original


When some website design trend emerges on the scene, everyone follows it. But very few sites use the qualities and usefulness of a trend. A majority of them are blind followers and this is where you should be watchful. If visitors of your website think that they have seen the design somewhere else, they form a negative opinion of your site and business. For example, flat design trend has been followed by almost every site. But even a weather app and accounting software site have this design needlessly. You can even see flat design trend in police departments and fashion portal sites.

So, do not let trends kill your business message. Make sure that a design trend does not distract your users from main purpose of your website.

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