3 Remarkable Logo Design Tips

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Last updated on September 5th, 2017

Much has been written about logo design and lots more still seems to be waiting to see the light of the day. So, why there is so much hype about what a logo design should have and what must be strictly avoided while designing a logo? Is it the business message hidden under the logo that makes its design so special or there are other things too that should be taken into consideration?

Let’s have a look at 3 remarkable logo design tips that are a must for every logo designer to follow.

  • Understand The Underlying Business Message- This is really a hard nut cracker as it clearly indicates the relevance of amount of understanding required for preparing a logo design frame. As a designer you will have to research, think, and nag a lot to arrive at the answer. You will have to understand and interpret the business objective of the logo, very clearly. Assuming your foot in your client’s shoes will help you get closer to the design in terms of its message transmission. You can also take inspiration from thousands of message giving popular logo designs available on the internet.

Singapore Airline Remarkable Logo Design Tips

Singapore Airlines, logo clearly depicts its flying nature through incorporation of a small flying bird in the creative design of the logo, besides the name the name of the airlines.So, basically you have to understand the business model of your client’s organization very well because the requirements will be different across industries and sectors.

  • Logo Design Should Be Describable And Memorable- While you design your logo design, the next important thing to look at, is the description it has to spell to its viewers. This will help you get closer to your design pattern.

3 Remarkable Logo Design Tips 3

See how beautifully the Service Link logo describes its organization’s business purpose, wherein the star indicates the Resource Center and the green semi loop towards the building is indicative of its connection trade.  This inherent nature of the logo is what makes its design memorable. As soon as a viewer looks at the logo, he or she immediately gets hold of the company’s business type.

  • Let Your Logo Go Through Time Tests- To explain this point, I am using the popular time tested Audi logo. Since its inception in 1932, Audi logo has gone through many transformations but the basic design of the logo remains nearly the same (Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that deals with luxury automobiles).

3 Remarkable Logo Design Tips 4

At first the four rings give an impression of four wheels of a vehicle but do you know that there is a really a strong message behind the design?

Four-ring emblem in fact symbolises the merger of four independent motor-vehicle manufacturers with the names Audi, Horch, DOW and Wanderer. While this logo has been be capable of representing the business model of Audi since many decades, it has stood by the time and still spells out the distinctive brand value of the company.

3 Remarkable Logo Design Tips 5 So, basically while designing your logo, just check out if your logo has the magnificence and ability of expansion, refurbishing andrevamping. Doing a thorough homework will help you create a truly remarkable logo design.

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