3 Vital Tips For Creating Effective Banner Ads

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Last updated on February 16th, 2018

While surfing the web, you must have probably come across a banner advertisement or two, but has it ever happened that immediately after encountering a banner ad, your focus got drifted toward the ad? Carried away by its amazing design and attractive appeal, you simply decided to click its button and finally you landed to some other website? If this has been the scenario even once, then in my opinion, the designer of the banner ad you clicked requires a pat on his back as he was able to achieve his target! However, the reverse scenario can be equally frightening as it has the capability of ruining the whole motive of advertisement and earning a bad name for the company.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to design banner ads in a perfectly logical and design intuitive manner, so that they become a strong advertisement tool for your business. The entailing article discusses 3 vital tips for creating effective banner ads.

Use Enticing Punch Line-

Devote your precious time for this activity as it is going to reflect in real terms. Many online surveys and researches reveal that your online visitors and potential customers are attracted towards any banner ad through an attention-catching punch line. Therefore, the catchier your punch line is, the more are its chances of hitting the right chords of your potential customers.

3 Vital Tips For Creating Effective Banner Ads | Designhill

However, do ensure that apart from being high on catchiness; your punch line should also be relevant, justifiable and up-to-the point in context of the products or services that your company is trying to promote. Unnecessary words or catchphrases should be strictly avoided. Moreover, it would be smart if you use at least one word describing the nature of your business in the punch line and then let it appear on your ad button.

Avoid Cluttering-

Too much of anything can be bad. And this phrase is experienced nowhere better than in banner ads. Remember, it makes sense not to stuff your banner ads with too much of images, text or catchphrases for it may hamper the overall appeal of your banner.

So, if you really wish to make a mark through your banner ad, then you have to ensure that your text is crisp, well connected with your punch line and maintains users’ interest throughout. However, little more elaboration on your discounts and other deals is advisable.

Site URL And Logo Are Essential Elements-

The motive of your banner ad to facilitate effective promotions, so how would it make sense, if it tends to miss out the describing about the real sellers?  Site URL and company logo should therefore appear on your banner ad, no matter even in if it finds a place in a corner of the ad. However, do ensure that they are not big enough to eat up your content and punch line space.

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This blog touches upon few interesting and vital tips for creating effective banner ads. Happy designing!!!

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