3 Ways to Use Interactive Content to Grow Your Social Following

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Last updated on May 24th, 2018

Your fan following on your social pages is perhaps one of the best ways to measure your small business’ impact on the social media landscape. But people will like your social media pages only when they like the content that you’re posting. If they find your content useful, entertaining and interactive, they will surely visit and re-visit your social media pages to find new information. If you manage a Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts for your small business, do ensure that your content unfolds as a two-way dialogue for your visitors. A study by Socialbakers.com found that visual posts and interactive content account for 87% of total interactions.

This takes us to the importance of interactive content types, which implies that instead of presenting your content as static text preaching on a topic, your content must encourage the readers to indulge actively in what you’re trying to say through your content. However, besides content, you must ensure a professional and creative social media page design to capture the attention and interest of users from the get-go.

Here, we present to you 3 crucial ways to create interactive content with the purpose of increasing your social following.

1. Encourage Dialogues – Do not write simple, blank and one-way content. Instead, post content that catches the readers’ attention and forces them to be in the thick of the discussion. A strategy could be to post some controversial content to drive huge traffic from your social media pages to your website. But do not overdo it as it may also be get negative comments from your target audience.

Another trick you can experiment with could be to start a poll. Polls are a time-tested tool to get responses from thousands of people. Quite naturally, polls drive in traffic and engage and entertain your target audiences on social sites. Also, do well to keep your content brand consistent.

2. Give Reasons to Like – Though you should never force visitors to ‘Like’ your content, there’s no harm in asking them to put forth their opinion and thoughts. So, instead of a standard ‘’ Follow Us” or “Like This’’, how about experimenting with lines such as ‘’ Like Us for Our Offers and Useful Tips’’? This way, you give them a valid reason to follow you.

3. Find Influencers – After writing a an interactive piece of content, make sure that you religiously share it with your friends and most importantly with influencers. Social media influencers are experts in their respective fields and their words can help you share your content with thousands of other followers. All it takes is a little time and devotion to find influencers and cleverly approach them in order to help you in take your interactive content to many more followers.

Your social following will surely get a boost when you consider these three easy-to-follow ways to share your interactive content with social community.

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