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30 Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs For Inspiration

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Wine Label Designs

Last updated on May 8th, 2018

Every supermarket has a variety of hundred or more wines, plus today there are more speciality wine stores than ever before! Amidst this variety, it is important for wine manufacturers to stand out. The only way to generate purchase is to create attractive packaging and wine label designs. Over 70% consumers said that the wine labels are important to them during a wine purchase. They wanted the labels to be attractive, eye-catching, stylish, creative, clever, sophisticated, colorful and elegant. You might wonder that it’s a wide range of characteristics, but it truly depends on the kind of customer segment you want to attract!

wine label design


Here Are 30 Eye-Catching Wine Label Designs For Inspiration

1.Stand Out –

The name of the wine is ‘UNO’ and the embossed number one stands out with authority. This will look great and catch attention in a display. It is one of the best wine bottle label designs in the market.

UNO wine

2.Go Artsy –

Today you have a lot of off the rack wines, but traditionally wines are a connoisseur’s drink. You can choose to create artistic masterpieces as custom wine label design for your wine bottle.

wine label design

3.Choose Bizarre –

This wine is called ‘The Heavy’ and has an unlikely vintage image of Sullivan, a heavyweight boxer in the 1800’s! This will no doubt get the curious buyer to pick up your bottle.

Sullivan wine label


4.Stay Elegant –

Wine and elegant luxury go hand in hand, this bottle does exactly that with its wine label design. The elegant typography is what creates the elegance on the wine label!

elegant wine

5.Feel Feminine –

Millennial women are a big consumer group and buy their own wine, this wine bottle is an exquisite design and made for a signature special. You can appeal to the quirky and feminine side of your consumer.

femail wine

6.Mark An Occasion –

Wine is often known by the year of its making, you can incorporate this into your wine bottle label design through images and text signifying the year.

wine label

7.Get Quirky –

For a wine that calls itself ‘Wine with great legs’ only the quirkiest label design would do, like the Caricature Wine. It is one of the best ways to draw attention to your wine bottle.

Caricature Wine

8.Make A Statement –

Often wine is a lifestyle statement, and your wine label should signify that. Like this one by Sokol Blosser, the dark bottle with the simple typography makes quite the statement.

Sokol Blosser

9.Tell A Story –

Your wine label can tell a story through its label like this wine label which shows a Kangaroo as it is wine from Australia. Design your own wine label to tell your origin; customers love a romantic story!

Kangaroo wine label

10.Create A Collection –

Customers love to display the wine in their homes, and it is up to you to make it all the more appealing and interesting. This set of wine bottles has incorporated a horse on the label to make it a complete collection.

horse wine label


11.Color It Wild –

You need not shy away from bold colors on wine bottles, although traditionally wine bottles have used earthy colors. Today you have wine for every occasion, and the young millennial is going to want this!

earthy colors wine

12.Celebrate The Moment –

Most often wine is bought as a gift or to celebrate a momentous occasion. So why not include the message on the label itself? It looks pretty yet speaks a lot about the wine.

gift wine label

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13.Use Illustrations –

Designers at Designhill love to use doodles and illustrations on products as they evoke a lot of interest and capture attention. The detailing can leave the customer hooked on to the product for a while.

Illustrations wine label

14.Be Delicate –

The flavors of wine are not like any other alcohol! Wine tasting is in itself an art. If your wine is particularly fragrant and earthy, then choose to portray it on your wine label.

Delicate label design


15.Be Abstract –

Wine selection is an art, and you can hook your customer into reading your label by using abstract art on your wine label. Go colorful and use geometrics to catch attention.

geometrics wine label

16.Use Typography –

You can have your own custom wine label by making great use of typography. Several packaging designers at Designhill vouch for that fact that great lettering turns heads!

wine label design

17.Use Native Art –

Wine from every country tastes different thanks to the geography and climate. Convey the variety to the customer as well by including a few native art styles on the wine label.

native art wine label

18.Digital Art –

While all wine labels are designed on digital platforms, you can create unique wine labels using digital art like these wine bottles.

digital wine label

19.Keep It Simple –

One of the classic design strategies is to keep it simple. This wine bottle label design literally stamps a seal of approval on the wine while keeping it clean.

wine bottle label design

20.Jazz It Up –

Wine need not always be sober and subtle, it can be celebratory and quirky. Use bold colors and shapes to bring out the excitement of the wine!

bold colors and shapes

21.Quirk It Up –

Label designers at Designhill vouch for going all in to get the customer’s attention. So if you want your wine to stand out at a display, then you better shake things up. Use images and art that is out of the ordinary like on this wine bottle.

zwine label design

22.Dumb It Down –

Wine is usually not for the sloppily drunk yet not everybody is a wine connoisseur, this basic wine label design makes it simple and easy for your customer to pick it up.

simple wine label

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23.Use Textures –

You can create wonders with textured paper today, and this wine bottle label shows off the exquisite and beautiful textures that creates a wonderful and attractive label.

textures wine label

24.Be Beautiful –

At the core of it, a wine bottle is a thing of beauty, so why not make the label also a beautiful piece of art? These lovely flowers on the label only evoke one emotion – beauty!
Not only the design on your bottle but your package design too should be beautiful and attractive enough for people to hold the package.

flowers wine label

25.Bold And Colorful –

Usually wine labels cover a portion of the bottle to showcase the deep colors of the wine. However one can always play around with the proportions like on this bold and solid wine label design.

bold and solid wine label design

26.Be Mysterious –

Sometimes you can deliver a message even without offering one! Like on this wine bottle, the dots and planet images give an impression of a galaxy but there is almost no connection between the galaxy and wine. This mystery often will get your customer to pick up the bottle and know more.

dot wine label design

27.Be Luxurious –

A beautiful wine bottle like this one can leave your customers imagining themselves sipping on a glass of wine in their bathtub. If that’s what you want, then give this brief to your designer when you design your own wine label.

wine label

28.Solid And Creative –

The stark and solid colors of the bottle against the splatter create an exciting image for the consumer. This kind of a wine label design has a high impulse value.

Solid And Creative wine label

29.Bring On The Festivity –

If you are bringing out editions of holiday wine then such bright and festival imagery would do well!

holiday wine label

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30.Create A Series –

The best way to create a buzz among consumers is to create a special collection like this art series by Campo Viejo. You can even crowdsource your custom wine label designs on Designhill and get the best artistic collection.

Campo Viejo wine label

These were some of the most creative and inspired wine label designs, what are you waiting for? Design your own wine label today!

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