4 Tips To Create An Impressive Logo Design

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4 Tips To Create An Impressive Logo Design

Last updated on February 19th, 2018

Creativity is always a difficult task to accomplish as there are many aspects of it that a graphic designer has to take into account. One of the things to keep in mind is that logo design is not a fine art but it is a commercial art, which means that there is a limit to creativity as well. But considering some basic tips will be enough to ensure that the design is in accordance of your client’s expectations.

4 tips that you must ensure while planning logo design.

Keep the design simple

The simple design is the basic thing that every logo designer must ensure. Simplicity in the design aims at making the customers see the design quickly without using energy in knowing what the design is all about. Creating a simple design implies that you will not be using more than two fonts and colors. This helps the customers in recalling the design as there is no complex fonts or colors to remember. One of the advantages of simple logo design is that it can easily convey a business message.

Engaging your audience

Simple design does not mean that the logo loses all its excitement that the viewers get by noticing the hidden design elements. Make sure that your customers are allowed to take some time in knowing the fine points of the design. Once they notice the negative space in logo design and the figure in it or clever use of colors and fonts, they get some surprise from such a design and remember it for a long time. But avoid obscurity and complexity in the design.


Restaurants logo design

A logo design must be relevant to the business it wants to represent. In other words, the logo should clearly tell the customers about the products or services its company sells. This can be done through the use of colors, fonts or simply by letters.


Impressive logo design

One of the crucial attributes of a great logo design is versatility. The client would like to portray an image through the logo on different materials including letterheads, websites, signs, business cards etc. Oftentimes, a logo design will be fine when it is put on billboard and website but it may not work when shrunk for a coffee cup as the lettering or illustration will become illegible. Your logo design must also work in black and white.

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