4 Tips To Ensure High Social Media Engagement

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Last updated on June 14th, 2018

You should never take your social media page lightly. Your prospective clients may visit the page any moment. But their response to your business and its offerings will depend on how the page communicates with them. So, what should an engaging social media page look like?

Here is 4 Tips To Ensure High Social Media Engagement For Your Business

1. Be Consistent With Your Company’s Branding

Your social media page must generate confidence about your business. For this, make sure that your page has the same elements of colors, fonts, images etc that match with your logo, website, brochure and other media elements.

Make sure that the page gives accurate but enough information about your business, products or services right away at first glance. Your call to action links or buttons must also be visible to the readers on the page prominently. The images on your page may need some changes after a few months to keep the visitors interested.

2. Prefer Image-Based Content

On social media, viewers get a message by looking at the images rather than reading the lengthy written content. Your social media page should speak through images. You should incorporate the pictures related to your business at the top of the page. Make sure that your page has more space dedicated to the images than the text.

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3. Ensure Correct Placing Of The Content

The readers have no time to find out the content on their own and hence it should be automatically visible to them. For this, ensure that your most important content is placed at the right side of the web page instead of the left. This suggestion is based on the reader’s typical habits of scanning a web page.

Use a bit of imagination and creativity. For example, take your profile picture. Can you make it as part of your overall background image that conveys your business message? If you can create an impression that your profile image is part of the overall big picture that is on the top of your page, it will make the page design memorable for the visitors.

4. A Simple Design

A simple design is a key to lure your visitors to your business. The simplicity of design implies that there are no clutters of colors, fonts, images and other unnecessary elements. Keep only those images, colors and fonts that are extremely necessary to convey the message. Eliminate every single element that is not at all required on the page as it is a major distraction for the viewers.

These are some basics tips that your social media engagement must ensure to retain visitors. start experimenting to find out if there are others ways to increase social media engagement for your business.

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