5 Graphic Design Tips Every Start-up Must Follow

Graphic Design Tips - Pumalogo
Graphic Design Tips - Pumalogo

Promote Your Business Through A Graphic Logo That Speaks. 

This article can be a useful guide for entrepreneurs, techies, companies and enterprises, who are either in the initial phases of their business start-ups or planning for a head start in the business industry.  No, no I’m not going to discuss how to start your business or which type of trade suits your ability and qualification. I’m only going to offer you five valuable suggestions in the form of graphic design tips that will certainly guide you through your journey of logo design.

Here Are The Secrets Of Designing The Perfect Logo With Top 5 Graphic Design Tips

01. Identify And Tag Your Business Name

This basically originates from the idea that what is your core business strength or service providing area. Therefore, you have to be very careful in choosing a logo shape and design as it should not convey a wrong message to your viewers. After all, you have just entered the market and one wrong step can make you stumble easily.

See the puma logo: how nicely it blends the company name as well the image of a leaping puma while translating the strength of the brand at the same time that too so subtly!

 02. Don’t Kill Your Distinctiveness

Through this graphic design tips and tricks, I’m trying to emphasize that irrespective of whether your logo has that eye catchiness or not, don’t rob it off from the very characteristic of your business.

Graphic Design Tips -Twitter logo

Here, I would like to quote the example of the beautiful bird that tweets for us thousands and millions of time that too on a daily basis. Yes, friends I’m referring to the cute twitter logo that perfectly exhibits the talking and tweeting nature of Twitter.

 03. Get The Right Font Shape, Size and Color Scheme

Though this might not appear so relevant in context of a logo, but let me tell you that selection of a right font size and shape can actually work as a booster. Wait, I’ll show you some logos in support of my statement.

Graphic Design Tips -Skype logo

Graphic Design Tips – Intel

You won’t believe that sometimes even a black and white color scheme too delivers a magical spell. Puma logo is an example of such a logo.

Here one advice would be beneficial- to take into account your business type and its serving nature. For example, if you are a soft drink manufacturer then you are free to experiment with orange, green, white, black and yellow colors, else not.

04. Your Logo Should Have The Ability To Bond You With Your Target Audiences

For that, you will have to brainstorm your mind including your logo designer. You are a newcomer and you have to leave a mark in the minds of the people who are totally unaware of your business form and nature.

 See the WELLA logo and think how you can develop this type of connect.

Graphic Design Tips – Wella Logo

 05. Never Follow The Trail and Experiment Something New-

You will have to think, what type of logo can place you on the leading track. That means you will have to do a lot of research work – look at popular brands logo and analyze the message engraved on them.

 So, basically as a start-up firm or trade establishment, you have to put forth your creativity, do a lot juggling, embed your business objective, listen to your business associates’ advice and then arrive at a graphic logo design that has the ability to express you in an operative manner.

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