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5 Common Mistakes In Your Logo Design

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Logo Design

Last updated on February 12th, 2018

Logo designing is the work of art and creative skills. As a designer, you think that having a degree in the stream could help you make a good designer, then you are wrong. It is, to tell you the truth, the years- long sweating that you experienced to learn about these arts. No matter who you are, and what is the height of your brand is. Unless you provide your clients with satisfactory work, it holds no importance for anyone. Creativity comes with practices, and to tell you the truth, practices makes a man perfect. There are some points when even highly creative and experienced logo designers make mistakes.

Logo Design Mistakes

The logo of an event or a company holds much importance when it comes to setting the entity apart. Also, in several cases, it could term the business like a household name. However, this does not take place if the logo designer makes any of these five serious blunders in their logo design. A few of the gaffes we are going to talk about today may be the cause of problems either before it becomes final to years later.

Check out 5 mistakes that usually take place in logo design

1. Forgetting the Client

The biggest blunder a logo designer could commit with a logo design is to forget who the logo is for. Yes, you could fall out that your work that you do with your clients is at the extremely minimal partially indulging you as its included to your portfolio, but the design of a client’s logo is more often than not for, well, the client. To avoid this gaffe from taking place, designers must often be connected with clients via meetings and by introducing frequent iterations of the design to let the client analysis as they delight.

2. Misunderstanding the Audience

Not knowing who the client is targeting is another blunder committed in logo design. There are examples when simplicity works as the best solution, we can make out this with companies such as Apple. However, if you are specialized in designs for companies looking for simplicity and you are now having a client who wants to target young children between the ages of 7 and 12, a simple logo is not supposed to be observed by them. To put a stop to this mistake from taking place, carry out sufficient research into the market and keep in contact with your client to familiarize yourself how they wish to be portrayed out as. It does not imply to do any case study, but it really asks you to have a look at the market for suggestions. We will have a discussion a bit later on how you ought to be careful while performing this, either. Thus, understanding the audience properly holds much importance.

3. Not Being Forward Thinking

If a logo designer does designing work for the here and now, their designs will merely be germane for the past in the long run. It is vital to not make a logo design by offering support to it in excess of on the present events. It is essential to have a look at where you wish your company should go while designing. Being forward-looking does not simply engage a timeframe, it too involves where you would be exactly finding your logo in the long run. If, for now, you are putting your logo in one medium (for example; a website), its vital to hash out a design that can be applied to other mediums (billboards or books) in the long run. So, do not be much advanced in doing your designing work, it is better for both you and client.

Common Logo Design Mistakes

4. Building Off the Existing Market

Though it’s good to bear in mind the existing market and its trends, being too much dependent on it could be harmful. In a few cases, it could make the clients repute look to be a fraud or a copy cat. While carrying out market research, make use of the existing market as a support and from there design in accordance with the clients requirements and design principles. So, instead of doing a wild R&D, you need to carry out a sensible research so that business reputation could be saved.

5. Un-Interpretable

An abstract could grow to be an unforgettable one in several cases. It could keep a company aside and make their design succeed as being earlier than the times and even a piece of art in its own right. However, then there are the abstract logos that are not simply interpretable.

In terms of a logo designer, you should not have too much fun in Photoshop to where the clients vision and thought has vanished in an abstract shape or letter. This could be put off by testing the waters with your recently-developed design by having a second or even third opinion on the more or less complete project.

Thus, logo design mistakes that we mentioned above could cause a horrifying logo design that would turn into a fashion that is dormant in its present position. If you do not commit the above-mentioned mistakes, you can get a logo that will go for long and develop with your company. If you believe that all these mistakes have already been committed by you, then there is no need to worry, as there are many such companies all over the world that have to face a time when their designs ask for refresh and facelift.

In this way, as a designer, we need to be very cautious while catering to the requirements of a client. All these points if you keep in mind while designing a logo for your any company or client must be taken into account to save not only the reputation of a client but also of yourself. They do seem to be daily doses for every literate designers, but forgetting them can mar the reputation of yours and clients whole business.

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