5 Prime Rules Of Business Logo Design You Must Hold Fast

5 Prime Rules of Business Logo Design You Must Hold Fast

Small businesses rely a lot on their logos for creating a first good impression on target customers. If a logo is a unique design concept, it has the potential to influence consumers in many ways.

In fact, for many small enterprises, logos are their tools for introducing a company, its business and products or services in the market. Logos are effective marketing tools also and marketers know this very well.

However, designers need to take extra care in creating logos if the intention is to build brand image of a business and conveying an intended message. For example, careful selection of color scheme, typefaces, symbols and images are a key to success of a logo in making a lasting impression.

Your logo design must be a memorable piece of work that is capable of attracting target customers at a glance.

Therefore, you must adhere to some proven tips that expert designers offer very often.

Here are the considerations you should be making as a professional logo designer to ensure that you create unique logos that help in enhancing your client’s brand image.

1. Do Research – Before you set out to designing a logo, make sure that you are aware of the business your client runs. Without any such knowledge, you will only be creating an aimless logo that fulfills no purpose. You client will most likely send back the design to you, asking for a redesign. Instead, you should research your client’s business, target customers and market on your own. Remember that most of the design brief are not elaborative and have very little information about company and its business. So, get the details from a designer’s point of view.

2. Ensure Unique Concept – If you take a good look at iconic logos, you will find one common factor in them all. They are based on unique concepts. This means that the concept is not a cliché and the images, symbols, typography and other elements used in their logos are original. If you are looking for unique concepts, a trick is to draw as many logo concepts as you can quickly on a piece of paper. This way, your creative brain will suggest many concepts in quick time. Then select one or two of them and develop into logos.

Here is an example how creative logo designers draw sketches and arrive at a concept. Below is the logo of UKE.

And here are the many sketches the designer drew. You can notice the final logo design at the bottom right corner.

You can know a lot more about design concept and how to create them.

3. Use Relevant Colors – Colors are crucial elements of a logo design. You must ascertain that colors express brand message of your client’s business. So, your research of the business comes handy here as you can pick relevant colors that can convey brand personality of a business. For example, a reason for most of the fast food company logos having red as main color is that it is a color of energy, aggression, joy, passion and excitement. Such companies have young people as target customers and so the logos are in red color.

Also, know if your logo design should be in single or multicolor like the one below. But remember that multicolor logos are not a good choice as they are costly to print.

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source: freshbooks.com

4. Use Fonts Strategically – Experienced designers use fonts to express personality of a business. For example, most of the rock music logos have larger typefaces for conveying revolutionary nature of the music. But if a logo is for a company that manufactures products of children, then comic fonts or handwritten fonts will be appropriate choice. So, make sure that your logo has fonts that can add a personality to it and to the business, it represents.

5. Get Feedback – You should never ignore what others have to say about your logo design. Getting feedback from your peers, expert designers and followers or fans on your social media pages is extremely important. They give a viewpoint of what faults or quality people are seeing in business logos. if you find suggestions valuable, then do not lag behind in incorporating them for improvement.

By considering these vital logo design tips, you will certainly design amazing logos for your clients.

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