5 Tips For Designing A Security Company Logo

Security Company Logo

Security companies are plenty in any given city and market, as increasing number of businesses and organizations need protection of their premises. Security services are no longer restricted to conventional services such as shielding of physical properties. Security companies are now providing a wide range of modern services such as protecting the clients’ business from any data theft and other issues pertaining to cyber safety. Because of the intense competition in the market among security services providers, security company logo matters a lot for the entrepreneurs to catch the attention of the target clients.

A thoughtfully created company logo benefits a business in many ways. The logo draws attention of the potential consumers toward the company’s business. A professionally designed logo uses colors, typeface, symbols etc., elements strategically to express business values and brand message of an enterprise. This is true also for security logo designs.

If you look at some of the brilliant security logo designs for inspiration, you will conclude that each design element is conveying an intended brand message to its security company. To create such excellent logos, the designer considers many of its aspects.

Here Are 5 Tips For Designing A Security Company Logo

1. Research Your Client’s Business

You are doing the logo for your client and not for you. Therefore, you must have some insight of the security company’s business. First, carefully read the design brief from the client. The brief contains some information about the type of security service the client needs. Also, research the company’s business, type of service it provides, its market and most importantly, target customers All such information is vital to designing a security logo. Based on the details, you can choose right colors and other elements to express the company’s brand message. For example, your client may be providing cybersecurity services, which means that its logo design will be entirely different from that of a conventional security company’s logo.

2. Find Perfect Color Scheme

Color is the most visible element of a logo. Modern designers use colors to evoke specific emotions. When we see a logo or any other design, its colors evoke certain emotional response from the viewers. So, make sure that you choose only those set of colors that stir up right emotions from the target customers.

Generally, security logos use dark colors such as red and black. These colors stand for passion, aggression, mystery and strength. But choose the colors depending on the type of security services your client needs. For example, the colors may be different for a cyber security logo from the colors for the logo of a company dealing with security of physical property or providing security guards.

If the security logo design is for a company providing social media security services, the color scheme will be little different. Social media is about interacting with people and engaging them on an issue. This characteristic of social media is usually represented by blue color, which is the color of friendship, love and intelligence. Your security company logo can have a hint of blue or may be yellow which also evokes the feelings of positivity. Such a logo will address the concerns of social media security companies and the clients.

3. Pick Right Typeface

Selection of suitable typeface is equally crucial to creating a security company logo. Typically security logos have bold typeface. Bold typeface stands for the values such as strength, protection, robustness, domination and so on, which security companies want to express through their logos to assure the clients of maximum protection to their property.

It would be good to use sans serif bold typeface. This is because this typeface category is bold as well as friendly. It sends the message that the company protects properties and engages the clients in the security setup.

Remember that typeface represents personality of a brand. Moreover, most of the security logo designs have the company name. So, take extra care in picking the typeface.

4. Avoid The Cliche

Make sure that your security logo stands out in its concept, use of colors and other crucial elements. If the logo is a cliched design, it will be competing with many dozens of other logos from the industry for attention. Therefore, create a logo that draws the attention at the first glance.

Typical security logos have cliched elements such as a security guard, shield, lock, warriors, etc. People will not admire a logo having such routine symbols. So, try to come out with a unique concept that symbolizes your company’s security brand precisely.

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A trick to find out unique concepts is that you draw some sketches fast on a piece of paper. You will most likely get one or two generic concepts, which you can then take to the drawing board to develop it into an impressive logo design.

5. Keep It Simple

Whatever you do with your logo design, make sure that it is super simple. The viewers must get the logo’s message instantly at the first glance of the symbol.

A simple logo has only one or two colors and typeface. A simple logo does not have complex geometrical shapes. Even when creating traditional security symbols in the logo, design them with simple lines. It would be good to follow Designbro for the splendid design trend to create uncomplicated logos.

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To conclude, research your client’s business to know the target security customers and market. Find out perfect color scheme and typeface to go with the design for a brand message. Make sure that the logo is a simple design.

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