7 Amazing Facebook Landing Page Designs for the Inspiration

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7 Amazing Facebook Landing Page Designs for the Inspiration

Last updated on December 27th, 2017

Advertisers can create a custom Facebook page, which the customers will use to find your targeted message. So, there are better chances of the advertisers converting leads to sales through these pages with focused advertising. Below are the examples of the landing pages. Many of them having great graphics.

Check out the stunning Facebook landing page designs below:

  1. Scholastic – Literacy initiative

Scholastic started The Face Literacy in order to give a boost to the habit of the parents purchasing books for their children. The books then can be read at school or home. The intention behind this initiative is that the book reading should not be restricted to classroom. A simple button on the landing page can help in promoting the literacy right at homes. The Facebook landing page design is great as it gives you everything you need to know about this initiative just in one click and without hassles. As you visit the page, you realize that the text and visuals are impressive. You get engaged in the activities on the page.

Facebook Landing Page -1

  1. Starbucks – Blond Roast campaign

Starbucks launched a Facebook application for its Blond Roast campaign which offers a free cup with regular coffee to the coffee drinkers. Each cup had a message that aimed at brightening your friend’s day. The campaign was highly successful. The company even faced shortage of the cups. The Facebook application can be used by the people to send their cards to their Facebook friends with the messages and illustrations to cheer up. The stunning application attracts the users easily with an elegantly designed big green button.

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Starbucks Facebook Landing Page

  1. Harry Potter – Gift Guide

Facebook Landing Page -2

The animated Facebook landing page of Harry Potter displays a book to convey the message to the fans. They can use the book to choose Harry Potter merchandise of their choice. So, the page works as a gift guide for the fans. There are graphics on the page and an instant call-to-action encourages and enables the fans to buy the merchandise. The landing page is capable of taking advantage of Harry Potter legacy that still goes on.

  1. Coke – Welcome Page

Coca Cola created an amazing welcome page on Facebook with a tagline ‘’Like Coke? There’s a button for that’’ The copy successfully leads the fans to the ‘’Like’’ button on the top. The Facebook page encourages the fans to play songs and browse the gallery. You can visit Coke’s other social pages. One of the clever things ensured on the page is that it does not use red color excessively.

Coke Facebook Landing Page

  1. Mercedes-Benz – Global Experience Page

Facebook Landing Page -3Mercedes-Benz created impressive Global Experience Facebook page. The page aims at giving the impression about the popularity of the company. At the top of the page, there is a map that grows gradually in front of your eyes every millisecond. There are blinking dots that represent the fans of the company across the world. The page also has great visuals that take you to the other platforms of the company. To keep the viewers engaged in the page, some entertainment links also have been incorporated cleverly.

  1. Volkswagen – Think Blue championship page

Facebook Landing Page -4Volkswagen created an impressive Think Blue championship Facebook landing page. The graphics match with the contest name and the participants can see their dreams at the top. After a welcome message, a button leads you to the championship. Then, there are descriptions about the commitment of Volkswagen towards a greener world.

  1. Escape Studios – Animation tutorials

Facebook Landing Page -5Escape Studios designed a Facebook landing page for its paid animation tutorials though some tutorials are free as well for the students of animation. The Studio runs an online animation school, and to ensure getting more students, the landing page lets them browse tutorials right at the page instead of directing them to the Studio’s website. The page itself provides enough information about the animation through interesting graphics.

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