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7 Social Media & Email Marketing Tips Every Small Business Must Pay Heed To

by Charles Darwin Tweet - in Small Business

Social Media

Last updated on November 14th, 2022

Email’s not dead yet! With new techniques to help you target your mailings and a social media plan, you can find your conversion rates going skyhigh with just a few simple tips.

Small businesses need to make the most of every tool available to them, and email is one of the best ways to reach your customers. By coordinating your emails with your social media, you’re not putting all your eggs in the Facebook basket.

Instead, diversify your presence on social media. It’s not all about Facebook.

You may want to maintain your own blog as a community building tool and provide content, or use Instagram to showcase products, interact with customers on Tumblr, or tweet about new developments on Twitter.

Other platforms include Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Google+, and Vine. But trying to be present on all social media platforms may prove to be a costly mistake.

It makes sense to find out what platforms your customers are using to construct better and more targeted email campaigns. Here are seven tips and tricks to help you get started.

  1. It has to look good. Your social media pages and your email campaigns should carry the same branding as your website, investing in creative email designs and social media page with your branding is a vital step for customers being able to recognize you as you and not a phishing scam.
  2. According to, 72% adults indicate that they prefer to have companies communicate with them by email and 91% like to receive promotional emails from companies that they regularly do business with. Furthermore 86 percent like to receive promo emails at least monthly and 61 percent weekly, while seven in 10 have made purchases influenced by an email they have received.
  3. Entrepreneur magazine advises that every social media platform has a different and distinctive user base. Facebook users like pictures but hate being asked for likes, while Twitter users enjoy attached images and even Vines. Tumbler skews young and liberal with a vocal user base, and will plus users are inveterate talkers with strong brand loyalty. Tailor your campaigns for these users, and target them with an email promoting your social media presence on that particular site.
  4. Don’t forget to make emails mobile friendly. The Pew Research Center notes that as of 2015, two third of Americans adults are smart phone users, and use these devices to access the Internet, social media, and their email. In fact the younger the demographic, the more likely they are to depend on a smart phone or tablet for online access.
  5. Sharing is what it’s all about. Make sure to put your social media icons in your email campaigns, as well as on your website, or even on other social media, and promote opting in for emails on your social media presences as well. People on social media love to share their finds with each other, so ask them to share with their friends and family.
  6. When it comes to blogging it makes a lot of sense to provide a way for your customers to have more information. Including an opt-in or registration form on your blog allows your customers to take the initiative in asking for more information. Likewise, do well to invest in a custom social media page design that supports it. You may also want to have an opt-in form there, too.
  7. Use a call to action that provides a benefit reason to share your email or your social media. Create a great promotion that will expire in a couple of days, and provide a colorful and eye-catching coupon with the promotion code. Mention it several times in different areas of your email, at the top, middle, and bottom. “This [MEDIA] exclusive coupon expires on [DATE], so click and get a great deal!”


Interacting with your customers on social media can be a wonderful way to generate leads, and even bring in new customers from your customer’s social circle.

Marketing is no longer a one-way proposition but is becoming more of an extended conversation or relationship with the people who patronize your business.

Marketing, in short, is personal. You are speaking to the wants and needs of your customers, but in turn they are talking back to you either directly via email or a contact form on your website, or by interacting with your social media presence as they like and share your content.

Opening up the channels of communication is a lot more than ad placement, or simply throwing out post after post on Facebook. You must make the time to listen to your client base and their needs.

Furthermore you also need to gain insight as to what your competitors are doing with social media and email. Gathering intelligence as to their actions can help you to target your audience with more accuracy and a better return on investment.

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