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7 Things to Avoid in an Event Management Company Logo Design

Jelly Shah by Jelly Shah Tweet - in Logo Design - 4 min read

Last updated on March 15th, 2018

Logo is considered to be an indispensable marketing tool that has the potential of offering a specific brand value to any event management business. Quite naturally, it is imperative for designers to ascertain that their company logo design is stacked with all the necessary elements of a successful brand. However, it is also important to refrain from certain undesirable elements that may eventually hamper your brand value.

List of 7 Essential Elements that Event Management Companies Should Avoid in Their Company Logo Design.

1. Abstain From Making Your Logo Overly Powerful

No doubt, your logo is an effective medium of building your brand value. Remember, more than your logo, your customers are interested in the products and services you offer. So, why not opt for a logo design that depicts your services and/or products. Designing your logo design according to space requirements of the concerned entity on which it is supposed to appear (letterheads, brochures, business cards or websites) would make it more impressive and creative.

Company Logo


(Image Source: designtheplanet.com)

2. Avoid Twinning Text With Your Company Logo

Irrespective of whatever perception you have about adding text in your logo; it’s not at all advisable to use text inside an event management company logo. It fails to deliver a professional feel. Due to which, the message delivery becomes ineffective and unimpressive. So, if you want your clients to take your event arrangement business seriously, then place your company logo distinctly apart from the text.

Company Logo

(Image Source: webdesignerdepot.com)

3. Don’t Make Your Logo A Warehouse Of Colors

Many logo designers get charged up seeing different colors in their color palette and start experimenting with them. Remember, too much of coloring can make the logo design look cluttered, eventually turning off your customers. Therefore, it is advisable to go for an intelligent blend of colors to make it look professional as well as creative.

Company Logo

(Image Source: logodesignfan.blogspot.com)

4. Avoid Using Too Many Fonts

Don’t get tempted to use too many fonts in your logo design. Instead, use only one of two fonts intelligently if you wish to create an impactful logo. Since, the fonts will become part of your logo design, they are bound to appear on almost all business accessories and they will essentially become your client’s essential trademark.

Company Logo

(Image Source: blog.scottsmarketplace.com)

5. Refrain From Reiterating

Repetition is good for remembrance. However, too much of anything is bad. So, if you have mentioned ‘event management’ in your logo design once, then skip it from other places within a logo. As far as effective and professional design is concerned, people are interested in brevity.

Company Logo

(Image Source: pinterest.com)

6. Don’t Ever Use Low Quality Pictures And Images

Remember, logo represents your client’s brand value and one wrong step in the design process is enough to ruin it. Therefore, as a designer your focus should be on good quality and high dpi picture or images. As a general rule, you can opt for 72 dpi if your logo is targeted for online mediums and a 300 dpi for offline printing materials. Resolution affects the images heavily, especially when they are resized. So, you have to be very careful when designing, so that your company logo delivers a picture perfect professional look.

Company Logo

(Image Source: delmarhoodz.com)

7. Abstain From Eating Up The White Space

Remember, it is not suggestible to fill in every bit of the logo design space. People like designs that are simple yet realistic. Therefore, it would be good if you follow the white spacing norms in your logo design so as to deliver a professional impact and bring relief to the viewers’ eyes.

Company Logo

(Image Source: dependableerection.blogspot.com)

It is important to understand that the logo design only looks impressive and useful when one avoids unnecessary elements that spoil the overall aesthetics of the design.

Do you agree that company logo design is so important to your organization? Please share your opinion with us in the comment box below.

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